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  1. BacoN!

  2. Her3sn0w

    Most played games beside TF2?

    If it's a game, I play it. Simple life.
  3. Her3sn0w

    Least played classes?

    I generally play every class, or at least try to. Kind of goes with what I'm feeling and what the enemy team is playing as. My least played class however is Pyro. The reason for that is my hatred for the pyro class in general, I dislike everything about it and every possible gameplay mechanic the pyro introduces into the game, and I hate playing against any pyro I come across. So I don't want to play as something I wouldn't want others to play as
  4. Her3sn0w

    Custom emote suggestions -- Now open

    :csdburn: :blobber:
  5. Butts are made to be butts.

  6. *hugs you*


  7. Will sell my soul for someone to love

  8. Still lacking cuddles to this day

  9. it's Hera. :csdsmile:

  10. Everyone, spread some love why don't you?