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  1. ¥†Sleeping_Death_Dawg†¥

    Auctions-Read Below

    did i? pretty sure this is the first one concerning the idea of paying the auctioneer with the correct items via site inventory
  2. ¥†Sleeping_Death_Dawg†¥

    Auctions-Read Below

    Able to finish auctions with items in site inventory
  3. ¥†Sleeping_Death_Dawg†¥

    should i trade my keys or waste them unboxing

    so i tried trading to increase profit but nothing works for me as i keep being scammed, so should i buy myself taunts and use my keys or what
  4. ¥†Sleeping_Death_Dawg†¥

    why so much bots in raffles?

    Honestly there needs to be another way to block out all these bots in these raffles... block multiple accounts coming from the same ip ect... that would make it alot more fair lol
  5. ¥†Sleeping_Death_Dawg†¥

    Adding 2 new bots.

    Ok so im suggesting that you should add more bots for the killstreak kit scrapper and add professional killstreak kits.