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  1. I have found the problem the dlc is 2 times in the list, more down in the list you can also find him: PAYDAY 2: The OVERKILL Pack 21.55 refined 0
  2. Thats not posible cause above the columm you can see that they say 'We pay you'
  3. Hey, i recently sold Payday 2: the overkill pack, in the list of acepted game it said that you would pay me 21,55 refinded but when i wanted to sell it by banking it said in my inventory that it was worth 14,33 refinded and when i traded it the bot paid me 14,33 refinded. So the price probatly is wrong in the list of acepted games but i dont know maybe it is somthing else. Hope you can fix this isue.
  4. Games to add: Serious sam 2 (there already are other serious sam games but not this one) Trine enchanted edition Trine 3: the artifacts of power (trine 2 is already on the site so only the first and the last game) Worms W.M.D (the newst worms game) Blood and bacon (its a cheap game so it probatly needs to be also very cheap on the site) euro truck simulator (the first game cause the second already is on the site) american truck simulator bus simulator 16 Son of nor fallout 4 Tom Clancy's Rainbow six Siege Dead6hot (its a cheap game so probatly needs to be very cheap on the site also) Warhammer: End times - Vermintide Total War: Warhammer Orcs must die (the second version is already on the site but the first isn't) Farming simulator 17 Farmingsimulator 15 Construction simulator 2015 (there are other construction games but this is the only popular) I think this are enhough games! Lol Price chance sugestions: HIGHER PRICE Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle (Its now 9.55 refined i suggest t up the price to 1 key cause 9.55 refined is realy not much for somthing thats 29,99 € on steam and that also is a good game) LOWER PRICE Squishy the Suicidal Pig (i know it has good reviews and its a prety nice game but but i saw the game on sale before for less than 1 €) Other things you have to chance: Delete dungeon defender 2 out of the list i think you posted it in the list when it was still en closed beta and you needed to pay money but now the game is free! Thank you very much for your time and i hope i helped! (also would like to see those games in the list of acepted games)
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