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  1. :starlord: (or :starlordhappy:) Tried my hardest to capture the detail.
  2. :starlord: (or :starlordhappy:) Tried my hardest and Thankfully I managed to Capture the Detail of it, I still have 2 others that I'm still polishing.
  3. Don't use the Chat as a Help Platform you'll probably get a staff member saying "This is not Live Support, if you require help with any problems on scrap.tf please use these links (proceeds to link you the live support and help forums), I'd love to apply to the live support but i never found a way to do so ):
  4. I would guess since the dash doesn't work it leads to Demomen sticky jumping to the highest point in the map and staying there forever
  5. If you post a video then edit the message the video will be stuck loading forever
  6. Title says it all TBH You allow for card banking why not Backround or Emoticon
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