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  1. All hail the blue scarf!
  2. The "Create Raffle" page seems to have a glitch in where first going to the private raffle creation page, selecting any entry type that uses another text box, and going to public raffle creation page carries over the visual effect. I have not yet found this to affect the raffle itself, however, it was quite confusing when I first noticed it. First, select Private Raffle in the Create Raffle page and edit the entry type to something such as Secret Link & Password. Next, go back and select Public Raffle in the Create Raffle page and the visual "Password" text box will remain there.
  3. I decided to look at my profile settings at one point and during it I clicked "Save Settings" I do not edit anything, not a single thing, but for some reason almost 90% of my description cut off and is now has a strange side-effect with my profile page. I don't remember what my description was, but I do remember the first time I looked at my description in the settings, before saving, my link to my stories had tiny blocks between the letters, but only on the settings page, it showed up just fine on the actual profile page. I have also seen this occur on another profile. I also had the same issue in a raffle after editing it, but I do not have any picture evidence. I don't know what update broke it, or if my browser is doing some crazy stuff. I use Google Chrome, btw and use no extensions that go with Scrap.TF. EDIT: Confirmed happening on Microsoft Edge as well w/ Alt Account.
  4. As seen in the image below, instead of saying "Multiple Winners" it says "Many Winners". Not a big issue, but something that could confuse some people who click "Edit Raffle" just before trading. Also, not really a bug, more of a looked over thing. And even if not needed, I added the "inspect" view of the site HTML code.
  5. In my opinion, it might start a "popularity" contest where people try to get as many followers as possible. Popularity on Scrap.TF seems to be very shaky, other than some who have been here for a while and have done great things with the community. Just my input, other than that I think it's an interesting concept.
  6. According to Jesse, it has something to do with the way the socket.io server handles lives comments, and doesn't give the correct tag until reloading the page
  7. While on the site, I decided to see what scrap.tf/premium led to since I was just curious. I saw it pulled up the new donation page. I decided to donate. I donated 0.11 USD and now it is only showing that the donation went through on the dev site. Apologies if I accidentally accessed something without permission, but curiosity got the best of me. Hopefully the issue is fixed soon, once again apologies. EDIT: It appears the donation amount has updated, after about 30 minutes. Still unsure if accessing the premium donation page on the regular site is still a bug or not. EDIT 2: Now since the premium donation page is on the normal site this post is a bit useless, sorry for any confusion!
  8. If this gets approved, I'm making the first "Writers of Scrap.tf group" :P.... Because reasons.
  9. THE ISSUE When editing your profile on Scrap.tf, you are unable to "Preview" your profile before saving it. This can be an issue because once you have saved your profile if you don't like what you have changed, you have to go back to the settings page and fix the issue. I have, personally, experienced this issue when editing my profile's "about me" section, making a mistake, and having to head back to the settings page to fix it. Currently, there is a "Preview Profile" section on the settings page, but it only allows you to view your profile image, profile name color, and profile background color. THE FIX To fix this issue, there needs to be a "Preview Profile" button, like most sites have, that will allow you to view your profile page before confirming what you want to change. This button could either open a new tab within the browser or open a UI in the current tab to allow viewing what the profile will look like when saved. This can save users from the headache of thinking they are finished with their profile, but finding out they don't like the look of their page and want to change it and having to go back to the settings page. This will also create a cleaner and easier way for users to edit their profile without worrying about their profile not looking as they would want it to be.
  10. Presently There is an extremely useful "Edit" button that you can use just before trading to a raffle bot and starting the raffle. This button is very useful for people like me who accidentally make mistakes before I finish creating my raffles. Even though this button is useful in man the ways, there is something missing that I believe should be implemented. No matter how careful we are, we all make mistakes. Once you create a raffle, that's it, there is no going back and fixing your embarrassing grammar mistakes. The Fix Thr best way to fix this is to add a "Quick Edit" button to all raffles that have officially started and not ended. This button would only appear for the owner of the raffle to use at his or her disposal. The Features This button will allow raffle owners to edit their title and raffle message. Once a raffle is successfully edited a "Edited" mark will appear on the user's raffle, letting those joining know that the raffle has been modified. The "Quick Edit" button may be only used once per raffle in order to stop abuse of the system. If a user's raffle message or title has been deemed against the rules, then user may not use the "Quick Edit" button for the raffle message or title that has been removed by staff. If a user has been seen abusing the quick edit feature, the button may be removed or revoked temporarily or permanently. Possible Rules Feature may not be used to evade bans if originally breaking site rules All raffle rules still apply to any changes made to the raffle message and/or title. Users who have been community banned may not use the feauture temporarily/permanently. Conclusion The "Quick Edit" is a quick and easy feature giving the users a way to edit their raffle after confirmation to fix any mistakes. Although this feature might not be for all, it will be great for many users who are left frustrated by incorrect raffle titles and messages.
  11. Asteur


    I am wondering, why not be able to have "friends" on Scrap.tf. There are some people that have been very kind and it would be awesome if I would be able to "friend" them on the website. When you get a friend request, you can either accept or deny it, the sender can add a message as to why they want to be friends. Once friends, both users will have each other in their "Friends list" which can be viewed or hidden from regular users accessing their profile. Also, when viewing the friend's page or seeing a comment of theirs, they will see a friend icon next to their username. Friends would be notified by the website if their friend has created a Raffle or Auction and can join if they would like to. Friends would also be allowed to private message each other and send trade offers to one another. If a user wants to set up a private raffle only for Scrap.tf friends, he could set it so that only his scrap.tf friends may enter the private raffle. Normal users would have a limit of 50 friends at a time while Donators - 100, Donator+ - 250, and Super Donator - 500. If the user has a problem with a current friend, he has the option to remove him and (if he wants) to send a report if the friend has broken the rules of the site. Also, if, and when, users are sending friend requests, they may be reported if they are bots/scammers. I have some image examples of what this might look like on the regular website (sorry for my bad art skills, Paint.net isn't amazing...) P.S. Sorry if this was already suggested, this was a shower thought. I hope it was a good one though.
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