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  1. Not too much experience with actually adjusting bosses, but if we swapped to FF2 but without adding or removing bosses, and assuming it is easy to adjust it could be a good work-around. This is moreso just a little quality of life change though so if it is too difficult to implement nothing too needed is lost at least.
  2. So I have been gauging with people on server 2 about potentially adding boss battle themes to the three bosses of the server which lack themes, and the reception shows that it would be potentially received well. It is definitely possible to give themes to bosses by (I assume) not much changing of the boss themselves, given that many FF2 bosses have themes, as well as Christian Brutal Sniper and HHHJ both having themes in vanilla VSH, and it is also possible to have a theme loop, also shown by these bosses. The themes I am suggesting for each boss are not definitive choices, but rather potentia
  3. User was able to (accidentally) bypass the word filter by changing colors of individual letters. I assume this could apply itself to other word filters that might exist. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but I felt like it should be reported.
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