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  1. Ditto20

    Text alignment for raffles

    Just posting here to mention how something like this seems like it could be rather useful. It is currently fairly hard to guess exactly what the formatting will look like and adding more text when editing a raffle can sometimes cause the text that already is there to shift around. It seems like allowing users to change the text alignment would help a little bit with that, as most people probably would have an easier time guessing how left or right aligned text would behave.(Of course, changing the text alignment would probably look worse on most raffles that don't need it, but being able to change it would have helped a lot for some of my raffle messages). If this isn't possible, it'd still be nice if there was some way to make it easier to predict where text actually will end up after clicking the "create raffle" button(as it is now, the location of text can change quite a bit from where it is in the editor box)
  2. Ditto20

    Custom emote suggestions

    I'd like to suggest as :risasmile: and as :miyahappy:
  3. I've recently noticed that scrap.tf has stopped showing the "crafted by" text and craft numbers on items. I would like to suggest starting to show this information again, for two main reasons: 1) Several people like to put hats they've crafted themselves into raffles. The "crafted by" text not being shown makes this a much more arduous process. Previously, you could easily just have searched for your username when making a raffle to quickly find the correct hats. Now, you would have to check your TF2 inventory on steam to make sure that the hats you are putting in indeed are the correct ones. 2) Some people may want to browse the bots for hats crafted by certain people or hats with certain craft numbers. This is not possible at the moment, I believe.
  4. Ditto20

    fixed Tipping twice in the same raffle.

    This just happened to me too, four times in a row. Screenshots: this one, here , here and here. What happened was basically the same as the other two posts in this thread. Just figured I'd weigh in. Also, I tipped before entering on three of them and after entering on the first.
  5. Ditto20

    Missing event badges

    https://scrap.tf/raffles/9M9JRF It's kind of short(since I'm not very good at writing this kind of thing and because I haven't used the site all that much yet), but I thought I'd at least give posting here a try, even if I can understand if it doesn't qualify.