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  1. If you could rate yourself in this game (tf2) then what would it be? rate yourself acording to the strange lvl. chart Here ----->
  2. Hello guys, im a beginner and I kinda just started the game (though i already bought the dashin hashin) so could any pros recommend me any weps? all classes
  3. Ummm...... not good idea because u have 1 in 14 million chance that u could win the lottery and you could spend all ur money on lottery tickets and waste all ur money u won on that. (sorry if im a bit long winded i am very talkative)
  4. I would spend like 500$ on tf2 and then buy all the shit that rich ppl would have.
  5. Ummmmmm...... I dont know if this is a bug or something, but I want to sell my strange airstrike and i cant. heres a pic of what my air stike is and heres a pic of what the bug is Pic of airstrike: http://snag.gy/jm06B.jpg pic of bug: http://snag.gy/KQlFK.jpg it doesn't show that i can sell my airstrike if u could fix it or something I would be very happy. Thanks
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