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  1. As many may or may not be aware, 10 strange civilian grade skins can be traded up for a strange freelance grade strange with properties determined by the input items. My question is do you think this will be true with the war paints? So far I have found you can actually apply civilian stat clocks to the raw war paints assuming they are civilian grade. I have already made 5 factory new strange civic duty skins, should I complete the set and try for the strange? In addition, does the trade up system require which have craftable status?
  2. I'm actively searching for a pro vaccinator killstreak kit/fabricator and am having no luck whatsoever. How does one find a specific pro fab?
  3. How much are Halloween spell weapons worth these days. I'm just starting dabble in to trading them
  4. So I am looking to name a professional killstreak vaccinator and am looking for ideas. Anyone?
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