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  1. You have entered 15,452 public raffles in total and won 83 items from 68 raffles. Some people say i have a problem.
  2. Lol man. You have entered 15,198 public raffles in total and won 83 items from 68 raffles.
  3. http://pasteboard.co/516MurIqo.png http://pasteboard.co/Ob6Ma1bhG.png http://pasteboard.co/Ob7JBdFzc.png http://pasteboard.co/Ob85Dc2hO.png http://pasteboard.co/Ob8ojpOKw.png http://pasteboard.co/Ob8IN6ptS.png
  4. Hey guys.Ive managed to get myself around 20 refined and i want to add something to my loadouts so feel free to suggest anything Im looking for a strange rocket launcher with some nice strange pieces on it but i cant seem to find any so if you have any sites where i can find some or some trades yourself do le me know.Here are my loadouts:
  5. The Boston Breakdance,maining scout and its the only taunt i dont have for him D:
  6. In my opinion,a good raffle would mean a raffle that has decent prizes and some sort of interactive story,or even a poll that makes the people actually read instead of just joining the raffle blindly One thing i dont like about some type of raffles is the fact that some people use it just cause they are bored.They make a raffle with a cs go cheap skin and write a giant essay on something thats not related to tf2 or really anything that this site approaches.
  7. I edited the topic to make myself clearer.
  8. Im looking for other youtubers and i saw plenty of raffles with stuff like this that didnt get any warning or removed.Im looking for opinions about my editing not asking for sub4sub or anything like that.
  9. Hey guys! Recently ive started being interested in video editing and such so i figured i would combine it with a thing i love doing that being playing Team Fortress 2 :). Im mostly using Premiere for the video part,Photoshop for most of the pictures and TFMV for the Team Fortress 2 models also i used Source Film-Maker but it kind of ate almost all my space in my PC and therefore i looked for something easier to use.I recommend TFMV. If i am doing something that is unauthorized please moderators/administrators of these forums let me know.Since i really enjoy anything i want to ask people around here for something.I kind of lack material to edit so im asking you,if you have any videos of you doing yourself something special in Team Fortress 2 doesnt matter if its in a casual match or competitive feel free to send either the demo file or the video (mp4,avi and so on),with the proper indications of when does the thing that you want to be featured happens and the last thing i would ask you to leave a reply here to let me know that you sent me something Im still kind of new to this editing so im not sure how long will i take to edit and finish a video so feel free to message me here on scrap.tf if you send material and want to check up on whats the progress or add me on steam(link will be at the end). Ive put a link to one of my recent videos so you can see how i intend on editing what you send.Of course ill try new stuff once in a while. I also intend on doing contests with the best videos and such with prizes Also if you happen to manage a small YouTube channel that uploads regularly TF2 videos feel free to tell me! Thanks for reading so far here you will find what you need.Have a nice day! STEAM ID-http://steamcommunity.com/id/guitarman10/ SUBMISSION EMAIL- [email protected]
  10. Yeah i used an unlocked crate and got a pair of lazy glasses
  11. Ive actually entered 2,300 raffles and won 5 raffles with 5 items but i mean cant complain its not a guaranteed win but still i have fun.
  12. Yeah when he uses it i can hear it and see it.But he only hears mine but doesnt see it.
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