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  1. Let Us Get A Response, By Any (Reasonable) Means Necessary
  2. We Arn’t Asking For A Change To The Title Again. We Want Something That Allows Those Who Donated Before The Change, When It Was Donating, To Have The Choice Between A D Or A P On Their Rounded Box. It Felt Just A Tad Out Of The Blue, It Didn’t Feel Like A Moment Of Celebration But A Confusing Moment That Lead To Just Accepting It, I Guess, I Dunno. It Could Of Been That Those Who Where Doner Would Get Badges According To Level Or Not, It Could Been An Avatar Hat, Or Something Of The Like, But I Ain’t Asking For Badges Or The Like, Just A Letter Change For Those Who Gave Moneys Before A Sertain Date. If The Is A Problem Making That Happen Cause Of Sote Issues, Or Inability To Gather The Information Needed. Say It. Don’t Just Decline And Let It Die Without An Explanation. I Just Want An Answer Why Something That Is Wanted By The Majority Of Those Asked Is Being Declined Without Explanation. Is It Because I Started It, I Know I’ve Got A History Of Bans And This Site, But That Shouldn’t Cause The Idea To Die, Just Some Form Of Explanation On Why, Who Even Declined It And Why. Just Something.
  3. Then Let’s Get Vocal, I Cannot Just Make A Reffle Linking To Here (Skidding The Line Of Rule-Breaking And I’ve Been Got For Less) So I’ll Need Help.
  4. So, Did You Want It Or Not, Cause The First Says One Thing And The Secound Says Another. Cause If You Did, Then There Was 0 Vocal Condemning Of This, Not Even A “ I Don’t Want It” All Positives, Then Rejection.
  5. Well I Can’t Ask Again For The Same Thing. So If We Want This, Someone Will Need To Make A New One That Isn’t Rejected And Forgotten. Cause I Want Some Type Of Response That Matters Cause Right Now It Looks Like None Of The Comments Here Did.
  6. So, I Want Too Bring This Back Up, Cause All I Got Were People Say That They Liked It But Nothing From Those Of Whom Can Cause The Type Of Changes That Are Asked. So With This I Hope To Bring Back The Discusion
  7. I Am Asking It It Can Be Made That Those Who Donated Before The D->P Change To Be Able To Change There Title From Premium To Donor, And With Premium+ To Donor+. Also For Them To Also Change The Little P, P+, Or SP Back To It's Old D,D+,And SD. It Could Be A Profile Setting. Rewarding Those Who Gave Under The Idea That They Were Donating To The Site. {I Liked It When I Was S.D.D.S.}
  8. Just Thought I Would Put The Big Ones Up Over Here. :derpsnipz: :blufish: :muffin:
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