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  1. So i got these new KOTION EACH G2000 GAMING HEADPHONES, and when I use youtube, the sound comes in perfectly. But when i start tf2, the sound doesnt come in at all. And when I reconnect the 3.5mm jack, the headphones play a single small game sound over and over again. Its really annoying since i bought these headphones for tf2. Do you guys know any way to fix it? (im on a laptop)
  2. Oh! yeah. I tried that and theyre colored now. Thanks.
  3. So, after downloading rayshud, all the casual badges for me turned white. I really want to fix this, so if you know which file deletes it in rayshud. Or if there is another way to make it colored again. Please help, thanks.
  4. I'm part of a UGC steel team, Called No Sleep till Platinum. We are currently looking for a engineer, demoman, heavy, medic. Please only join if you are decent. Requirements: Discord, a mic, be avalible for scrims (time not set) and be mature age doesnt matter, but be mature. If you want to join, add me at: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198152510592
  5. tf2 tutorial.. said something about backpack.tf and scrap.tf
  6. stn,tf should die. They stole our template and now this. despicable.
  7. Myself


    Yeah, not a good video.
  8. As the title says, I want a tf2 player to teach me tricks. I'm trying to get better in all the classes. Please only post if your someone who is very good at playing and teaching, I dont want people who are worse than me at the game trying to teach me. My steam name is cooldude34u. Send me a friend request if you think you can teach me. Thanks for reading!
  9. a month or two ago, i got an unusual from trading, and then wanted to sell it a week later. I stay on trading servers for days, nobody wants my unusual. I say, screw it, im going to scrap.tf. I go to unusual selling box, click my unusual and see that its worth almost half of the backpack.tf price! So yeah, scrap.tf admins. Please take some time and match up the unusual scrap.tf prices with backpack.tf prices, i really need to sell my Unusual Head warmer orbiting fire to someone, i have been waiting months to sell it, scrap.tf is my only hope at this point. Please match unusual prices.
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