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  1. Discord Tag: Raven#2688 Chrome dev tools? No, looked at how it functions, seems like something I'd pick up pretty fast. Experience? Never tested a software to find faults or bugs, the most I've done is report bugs I stumble upon. But I do have the technical skills similar to the one you've mentioned, like taking screenshots.
  2. Well, for starters you should report them. They made it clear that it is punishable for revealing yourself to the recipient, and your santa seems to have flouted the rules. You will probably get matched with someone else.
  3. That's because killstreaks aren't usually counted, their price is too unstable. Backpack.tf doesn't support killstreak pricing, they simply calculate from the sales of the killstreakified weapon in the SCM, which makes it easy for players to change the price on their own to make a massive profit. For example, I recall seeing my professional killstreak maul priced at 3.15 keys, and the next day, it was worth around 1 key. Don't know about strange parts, but may be the same case here too. Just wish they added a stable price for killstreak weapons, just like kits, and fluctuating the price based on supply and demand. For example, if a professional fabricator costs 1.7 keys and if you craft it using the cheapest spec ks weapon and the total cost comes to around 2 keys, this should be the price of both the killstreak kit and the weapon it is applied to.. From there, if no one wants to buy it for extended periods of time, the price should decrease, and if people keep buying it, the price should increase. Just adding my 2 cents on the issue. TL;DR I agree with this suggestion, and killstreak weapons should have stable pricing too.
  4. That is where you can defend yourself, like The King in Yellow said. You can provide proof that the commenter is lying, and let the bidders decide for themselves. Also, you're not seeing the other side. You're blaming the victim of sharking instead of the sharkers, while at the same time blaming those who devalue your auctions, and not blaming yourself for defending your pricing. Either all the morally corrupt traders are evil, or none of them are. If you are of the stance that the victim is to blame, then you should also take up the stance that you are to blame, for not defending your pricing. The thing is, once you defend your pricing, the ones who comment on your auctions look stupid, they can't delete their comments, and the bidders will know whom not to trust the next time they go commenting.
  5. While I agree spammers should be stopped, there are far too many people overpricing their stuff and use clickbait titles to bait in the new players, sharking them effectively while claiming stuff like "It's priced 35 keys on backpack.tf" when in reality, it's worth like 10 keys. I've fallen for these when I was new as well. So overall, I don't think it's a good idea to implement a way to block commenting in auctions, what SHOULD be done is adding a rule warning people not to spam comments in the auction when the auctioneer makes it clear those kinds of comments are not welcome. Also, I know the sharkers will delete comments unfavorable to them, but if even one player is helped by such comments, then it is worth it.
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