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  1. With the Launch of EA's Battlefront 2, along with the original's multiplayer re-vitalisation; I thought I would create this. To start it off, have you played the originals? How do you think they hold up now and does the versions EA is producing/has produced recreate those games well? Bonus pic attached
  2. Does anyone use the incinerator anymore?

    you might wanna keep watch, an unusual might pop in there one of these days i'm kidding, of course
  3. this. imagine writing up a detailed, heartfelt message to the people who join only for noone to actually read it? I don't know about you, but i'd be pretty upset
  4. Why do people raffle unusuals on scrap.tf?

    only times i've raffled unusuals (twice) was to try and get more people to enter it/notice it got to say, it worked. (but at what cost!!!?1!?!?!?111/11?)
  5. Add an option to hide the prizes on puzzle raffles.

    I also like this idea would be nice to have an aura of mystery
  6. TF2 servers suggestions

    i'd go for a custom maps server and class warfare (seperate) custom maps being popular maps from the workshop, noone plays those enough
  7. Scrap.tf secrets!

    There used to be a link at the bottom of every page in the 'powered by' section named 'ponies' clicking on it would take you to this link https://scrap.tf/CELEBRATION (a little loud) but as with the 'nothing' page, obviously CELEBRATION is still visible but there is no direct link to it, so it is hard to find.
  8. How did you find out about scrap

    searched for "tf2 trading sites" this was the second result
  9. Corrupt a wish :3

    https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/d/dc/Heavy_fairyprincess08.wav?t=20121027182416 but the rice is drenched in impossibly hot hot sauce I wish for a pie (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBMCFgctkog)
  10. What do you usually like raffling about?

    I do themed raffles that usually come with musical accompaniment
  11. Skullgirls

  12. I Live Here Now

    In that case, I call dibs on the skullgirls discussion
  13. Promising Raffle for something in Return

    Personally, i'd say that since they aren't directly advertising their channel, it is not breaking the rules. Remember though that if you DO see a raffle linking the user's channel, to report it quickly. We'll give you an imaginary cookie.
  14. Killstreak Weapon Banking

    We already have a banking service for strange kits, and strange/weapon banking to go alongside it. There really isn't any need for this. Also,
  15. Suggestion for strange buying

    I like this