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  1. That's a Bummer.... Well i'm leaving tf2! Gonna do a raffle soon to get rid of my remaining items(shitty skins) Bye Everyone! No tf2.... I guess No Scrap.tf Either.(means i'm leaving scrap.tf)
  2. Can the auction be undone? Or Something like trading back my items and giving the skins back to the auction winner? D: I really need something to build up again and those skins are useless/unsellable
  3. I was scammed and I lost my whole inventory. The thing that remained in my inventory was a bills hat painted distinctive lack of Hue. When i auctioned it, the guy gave skins that the website badly priced and i got scammed. He won the auction, with profit and stuff.
  4. I made an Auction in which I am Selling a Bills hat(distinctive lack of Hue). The Guy paid Bunch of skins which dont even have a estimated/final price. They keep changing. I cant manage to sell these skins even in skin banking. I already got scammed my whole inventory. The Only Thing i had left was a bills hat and that is now also Lost Any Help? Here is the Link to the Auction: https://scrap.tf/auctions/23AQSM
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