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  1. Metalfan1

    Future Secret Santa Suggestions

    I overall kinda like this suggestion. The only thing that concern me is 3/4. The idea is good, but I can put myself as example: 4 messages in less than 10 minutes and I already had their gifts, so there could at least be a checkbox or something like that for when the deadline comes, the ones that are not checked would be revised, but that would be an extra annoyance for staff
  2. Metalfan1

    PAYDAY 2 Build Discussion

    I'm basically the shield-shooter shotgun wielder ATM stealer
  3. Metalfan1

    Raffle winnings

  4. Metalfan1

    A mobile app for scrap.tf

    You could have checked. As I understand, making some sort of comparison, why building a house over again with some small differences when you can improve your already existing house?
  5. Metalfan1

    A mobile app for scrap.tf

    Inside this suggestion, you can find even more suggestions of scrap.tf app, but they're all rejected
  6. Metalfan1

    Add Artifact Banking

    I don't really know what you mean by "Artifact" but What not to suggest New types of banking/new services -- we have a pretty solid idea of what services are available to add, and will add them when we see fit.
  7. Once gift submissions have closed we will be going through the list of participants and removing those who did not give a gift. If either your secret santa or recipient did not submit a gift you will be re-matched to a different santa or recipient, respectively
  8. Metalfan1

    Raffling from site inventory

    The second one is pretty much the same. The first one provides 2 more examples of rejected, one giving a possible reason why it is rejected
  9. Metalfan1


    Go to help & support and ask for help there. The Team Fortress 2 forum is for the game, not the page
  10. Metalfan1

    Premium account

    I THINK he meant scrap.tf's premium
  11. Both are rejected, this may be rejected too
  12. Metalfan1

    Scrap.tf App

    That is proof that this has been suggested and rejected many times before
  13. Metalfan1

    My trade does not work

    https://forum.scrap.tf/support Remember, use that link when you have problems
  14. Metalfan1

    The ability to delete comments.

    Can you explain a little more this suggestion? Do you mean deleting comments on your raffle or deleting your own comments in any raffle?
  15. Scrap.tf bots won't send trade offers unless you used the page and clicked "trade items" You said it was random so it is totally a scammer