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  1. First of all, I'm pretty sure this had to go in Help and Support Second of all, besides considering if the items are tradable, most banking type has at least 2 other different thing to consider
  2. As the title says, I have seen the avatar of some user having the word "avatar" in a circle. Apparently it "fixes itself" over time and it doesn't happens to all user's avatar
  3. Auction has Been broken!

    Hey, you need help? then why don't you go to help & support? https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/
  4. New Weapon for the pyro

    When they're tradeable and marketable, maybe
  5. Hint on secret link?

    Sorry, but remember, any secret that this page has, mustn't be revealed or we'll be punished
  6. I have a auction problem

    Getting banned? Imposible to avoid but go to Help and support, send a ticket with a screenshot of you in the queue showing the bot's name, a screenshot with the error, the link to the auction and your trade URL. Do this BEFORE getting banned and keep trying to trade EDIT: The only way not to get banned is keep trying, but if you can't and the time runs out, if you submitted a support ticket with what I've said, you'll be unbanned
  7. Treats and a question

    As far as I know, it is in every page
  8. Treats and a question

    Y'know, secret links are secret
  9. Disabling tip button in the comments

    That's the only problem so far, I think
  10. Disabling tip button in the comments

    Well, you don't have to say the word tip itself. You can say something like "thanks for your generosity" or "thanks for the scrap"
  11. User Storage 1 glitching; ban possible

    First of all, this topic (team fortress 2) you posted this in is NOT FOR SCRAP.TF. You have to go to help and support Also, you MUST send, in the support ticket, the auction link, your trade url, the screenshot of the error and a screenshot of you being in the queue showing the bot's name
  12. I'm gonna tell you something, you see the link Lukiday sent you, this one https://forum.scrap.tf/support ? You had to go there, not here, because in this place (Team Fortress 2 Topic) you must not ask for help for scrap.tf. Anyway. In there (support) you must post exactly this, except the second image (the chat)
  13. Put bought items into raffle

    I think his suggestion is something like this: I buy a weapon from a bot, but instead of the bot trading the weapon to me, the bot trades the weapon to a raffle bot or something and that bot keeps the weapon, so I create the raffle without needing to trade that weapon because it is already in the rafflle bot I hope I didn't confuse you even more
  14. Also, another bad thing is banning all users except friends
  15. Many reasons, maybe because they can't, maybe because they think it would bring more problems that solutions, who knows. Maybe they have already answered that before