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  1. If you're talking about the F12 Developer tools though on chrome, I know a bit about it.
  2. Discord Tag: Dia Heart#7656 Chrome dev tools? No but i can still learn it if people are willing to teach. Experience? I've tried modifying certain software in the past, I know basics in C++
  3. Wondering because whenever I reply to comments, there's a 50/50 chance it may get deleted. Because of how small phone screens are, it's quite easy to make an mistake when the reply and delete are bundled so close.
  4. Imma curious in what map is your favourite, just comment them in the comment section. You can also say any custom maps you like or even list multiple.
  5. cats, that's all that is on my mind :diaheart:

  6. thinking about cats :3

    1. Luki


      :0  thinking about pones :3 

  7. Just enjoying some time relaxing and watching Anime on Netflix

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