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  1. Orange (not the color)


    Keep going. I've never been scammed but I have lost a lot of keys from items prices just dropping overnight. trust me when I say its hard but you got to power through the hard times to see the good
  2. Orange (not the color)

    can we see in which storage bot are auctioned items in?

    it would help because I auction a good amount and sometimes I try to combine two items i get from different auction just to find out that they are in different bots
  3. Orange (not the color)

    Share Meaningful Quotes

    A not so much meaningful but very true quote is "Education is what is remains after one has forgotten everything one has learned from school" - Albert Einstein A meaningful one for me is "You know what I consider the worst disability of all? Procrastination and laziness" - Robert Turner a blind black belt and magician
  4. Orange (not the color)

    medic hats

    anyone know any really good medic hats/hair.
  5. Orange (not the color)

    What are the best weapons i can buy?

    depends on how you play, what you play, and what your up against. But there is no single best weapons for pubs. If you want one that will be good in most situations just stay with stock
  6. Orange (not the color)

    Best unusual effect?

    I like nuts and bolts
  7. Orange (not the color)

    How much is this worth? [Tf2]

    Very low price if I remember. With no parts at all it's worth around 1 scrap. Most specialized fabricators are worth 1 scrap.
  8. Orange (not the color)

    Option to Disable Tips on All Created Raffles

    I like options for stuff I use, even when it's simple stuff like this. So I'm up for it
  9. Orange (not the color)

    Which map is your favourite?

    Hightower for pvp. Coal town for mvm
  10. Orange (not the color)

    What was your secret santa gift?

    I gave out a rock paper scissors taunt and a factory new butcher shot grenade launcher. And I got 6 ref
  11. That's funny both of the languages I learned are in the lead then again there has only been like 7 votes
  12. Orange (not the color)

    Rejecting Bids After Auction Finishes

    There are two main arguments for and against this. On one hand this would be good because you could stop people from bidding overpriced items and spamming very common items. On the other hand auctioneers could reject bids that didn't make enough profit or they just simply like the guy who bid. Both sides are valid sides.
  13. Orange (not the color)

    Point out the item duplicates which can be sold

    I like it
  14. Orange (not the color)

    Scrap.tf Is SO AWESOME!

    For the most part ya it's pretty good.
  15. Orange (not the color)

    Which update did you join TF2?

    I first time played a few years before tough brake but didn't actually start playing alot until during tough break