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    Demo gets a market gardener
  2. It doesn't have to be something epic and you don't even need to be apart of it. You just had to witnesses and be in the lobby. Mine is when I beat the mvm mission Empire Escalation with 4 demoknights and a scout.
  3. It's a game that's free, and it looks good. I give it a big old 👍.
  4. Any and all kinds of fruit. Mostly blood oranges tho.
  5. Do the title. I mean you don't have to, but it wouldn't hurt to.
  6. Anyone remember what the prices of cheap strangers were a like 3 to 4 years ago? I think it was 1.44 to 1.66 red wasn't it. Trying to do something and I need the prices
  7. Spy. The rest I play at least a little but I never play spy. I think I have less than an hour with him
  8. Skyrim, monster hunters, borderlands 2, and castle crashers are some games that come to mind for me.
  9. In short, there is none. In it depends on the market, and it's best not to use auctions to do it. You have to do it the old fashion way and find a real person on either a trade server or somewhere else and negotiate. Yes sometimes it works for auctions but usually, it won't. Remember no matter how much it seems like a game, there is no easy way in trading.
  10. I'm looking to get a skin for my rocket launcher but I don't know which to get. My price range is from 3 keys and anything below. And yes I could just look myself, the thing is whenever I choose my own skin I end up not liking how it looks in game, so I'm hoping based on your guys' experience with using them you'll have some good recommendations. Thank you for your input
  11. First, you need to take your inventory off private, because it makes you look like a scammer. Plus no bot will trade with you as long as your inventory is private. Second, with only 1 ref you can't get much on scrap, cheapest cosmetic being 1.44 ref, cheapest strange 2 ref and cheapest skin being 1.55 ref, but if you sell the hat to a scrap bot for ref, depending how much it's worth, you can get the slightly more expensive things.
  12. it's permanent, but to get premium you don't need to buy the Upgrade to premium. Upgrade to premium is just a gift that you give to someone else. to get premium just buy anything from the mann co store and you will automatically become a premium player permanently.
  13. Keep going. I've never been scammed but I have lost a lot of keys from items prices just dropping overnight. trust me when I say its hard but you got to power through the hard times to see the good
  14. A not so much meaningful but very true quote is "Education is what is remains after one has forgotten everything one has learned from school" - Albert Einstein A meaningful one for me is "You know what I consider the worst disability of all? Procrastination and laziness" - Robert Turner a blind black belt and magician
  15. anyone know any really good medic hats/hair.
  16. depends on how you play, what you play, and what your up against. But there is no single best weapons for pubs. If you want one that will be good in most situations just stay with stock
  17. Very low price if I remember. With no parts at all it's worth around 1 scrap. Most specialized fabricators are worth 1 scrap.
  18. I gave out a rock paper scissors taunt and a factory new butcher shot grenade launcher. And I got 6 ref
  19. That's funny both of the languages I learned are in the lead then again there has only been like 7 votes
  20. For the most part ya it's pretty good.
  21. I first time played a few years before tough brake but didn't actually start playing alot until during tough break
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