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  1. The "Others" Section Written by: The Gaming Maniac So today I was going to scrap some of my spare weapons in my backpack. I start clicking the dupes and than I see this. http://prntscr.com/eahy2s That, my friends, is a 16 ref item, priced and being bought at the same price as any unique weapon. Another thing I noticed is that I don't see any of my vintage weapons anywhere. It would be kinda tedious to give those two qualities their own section, so I have an idea. For Festives, Vintages, Killstreaks, and all of the other weapon qualities you don't have yet, gain their own "Others" section. It would be kinda like the Items section, but with weapon qualities, such as Vintage and Festive. We need somewhere to sell our festive weapons at their real price, not at .5 scrap. I hope you read through all of this, and add this feature later on. Have a good day.
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