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  1. NewMaxico

    Music sharing thread

    Music is complete now.
  2. NewMaxico

    trading question

    An item is never the sum of it's part. You can sell strange parts for maybe a tenth of their normal value, if they're applied to a weapon, but i usually sell them for a twentieth only just to get em sold faster.
  3. NewMaxico

    Anime Recommendations

    Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood. it's nothing like sword art online or SAO, but it's very fucking good. Also i can pretty much confirm Ezekiel's recommendations, especially blame. Only Seven deadly sins is trashy because the MC is annoying as fuck, but idk... if you've survivded SAO maybe you're used to that enough to still enjoy it.
  4. NewMaxico

    A Question on SAO: Memory Defrag

    Uninstalling the game is prolly the best one
  5. NewMaxico

    Need help with naming an unusual.

    "Oil is thicker than blood actually"
  6. NewMaxico

    Need help with naming an unusual.

  7. It seems the banking bot lists a different price for some items than is displayed in the search. I'm assuming this is not intentional?
  8. NewMaxico

    Auction Filters

    I heavily agree, in my opinion optional filters should especially added for: -Uncraftable unique weapons -weapon skins -Unusuals -Killstreak kits i wouldn't ban them in general though, just give the option to not allow them on each individual auction.
  9. NewMaxico

    Profit percentage

    I'm pretty sure for skins it's 10% and that's the only one i've ever used.
  10. NewMaxico

    Custom Auction Timeframes

    said that too and still saying it. i agree
  11. NewMaxico

    Word by Word Story: Electric Boogaloo

  12. NewMaxico

    Steam Gift Raffles

    I like your idea, but i don't know how to "clicc lyke" on scrap.tf forums
  13. NewMaxico

    Custom emote suggestions