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  1. It's already 2019 whoa

  2. I think I turned left instead of Right. 

  3. No idea, maybe because they like Scrap.tf? Also, I don't see the problem that there are so many of them. They don't do any harm.
  4. 1 2 3 cookies ;3

  5. Where can I get a croissant?

  6. vsh_horyuji_v1 is already in the map pool.
  7. As I said on discord yesterday -> @Horiuchi People have asked for something else than VSH, and I didn't change map because I "didn't like it" I'd play on the maps even if I don't like them. And before you start complaining about one map change. You could start ease down on your salt, that you're throwing on other people on the server.. Beside that, sorry for making you feel bad for that one map change. <- You might tho, have joined late in on the so called "VSH only" spree that was going on. And some of the others online asked if we could not change to something else. Something you might not have seen if it was typed before you joined the server. So yes, I did change to another gamemode ONCE. And for you saying that I changed the mode because "I don't like it" Is totally wrong on your side. But I guess you never saw my message to you on the discord server. So I hope you will understand, that I didn't change the mode "for my own sake" but for what people have asked for earlier on the server. And again, sorry if it made you mad or angry, but you should know that it is hard to try making everyone happy. -Anth out.
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