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  1. How long does it take the suggestion to get accepted or rejected?
  2. Unlike other items that can be checked easily of their prices, this item is extremely bad for so many reasons. 1) You have no idea what is inside the gift 2) You have to spend a lot of time to find where the item is and in which bot and even if you do, people might not find correctly what is inside the gift as people are dumping so many of them into different bots, so for that gift it may be any item at all, which makes it more like a guessing game than an auction 3) New Exploitation Tool that people could catch onto and use Before anyone says that auctions are full of risk or whatsoever, this case is different as for this item, you have no idea what is inside, and people might just bid thinking it is something valuable when it could contain a refined or a cosmetic or something of lower price, therefore it should be blacklisted from being biddable and from being actionable as this could be used as an exploit for people to make a profit as people have already bidded more than 1 key for something that is worth less than 10 ref and it had to be saved by FallenCrown CS.Money who was nice enough to outbid everyone so as to save people from bidding on such auctions which is worth so less. If anyone needs evidence of such auctions, I have a few auction links of the item but I'm not showing it as it might be counted as name shaming but if an admin needs it to use it as evidence, I'll be glad to share it.
  3. I think you are referring to Auctions. Raffles and Auctions are 2 different things.
  4. Honestly i don't think it's fair as there are some other people etc responsible F2Ps and P2Ps who just found out about the site and joined, so this time restriction thing is not covering all the aspects. Even though it might be a 1 day restriction or more etc, this also applies to the people who have read the rules the first time they see it [Probs not a lot] but it wouldn't be fair for them either, unless your imposing the restriction on new users who have not read the rules properly. But what might be a better suggestion is maybe have a 10 seconds reading time of the text before accepting or highlighting the paying of auction in 24 hours in red, but all of such suggestions also have its downfall, so I'm not really seing the need for this unless something like a mass non-payers happends. Correct me if I'm misreading anything
  5. Didn't someone suggested this recently before though
  6. It's not a very bad suggestion, but optional [?], would auction bidders know that these certain auctions have a time limit, if they don't it is just going to be really annoying if the auction you wanted to bid on later on suddenly ends. Even if they know, it's just going to make auctions a whole lot more complicated with auctions ending so randomly.
  7. It's nice to see people supporting this idea, Thanks
  8. I think it is only possible to ask the admin to close the topic
  9. Maybe this will help you gain some insight where people have suggested this before :
  10. Seems quite interesting, but 1 questuon: Can you unpin the message after that?
  11. Lol didn't think it was appropriate to say this in your raffle, but I was the one who reported the 2 of them who made fun of you losing your keys, thus their messages were deleted as I felt that they shouldnt be adding salt to your wound and the admin did delete their messages , not you
  12. I want to suggest to multi-reply to people who comments in your own/ other people's raffles/auctions but after posting 1 comment, the few second comment hold will still be intact as it makes it more easier to reply to all the people who have said the same thing, e.g. 5 people said thanks and you can just multi-reply to all 5 of them by saying welcome, so this is my suggestion.
  13. No.1: I think that some people are willing to do it if the person who helped them has done well in "teaching" them or helping them out on scrap.tf and I think most people will be willing to do it, but maybe we can add adding the link where the person had helped them [eg raffle links or auction links (can be theirs or other peoples')], and we can make a limit to only 2 per day so that the admins can help check whether this is true and once +50 good advices have been fulfilled and the badge is given, that person can no longer be given any more +1 good advices. Perhaps we could also decrease from +50 good advices to +30 good advices so that admins wouldn't be too burdened by this, and maybe scrap.tf can find some more people who have read the rules [User or Donor] to help out with this. No.2: ------END------ No.3: I feel there should be a minimum or at least it should be accumulated, because indeed there are people who have raffle series and sometimes the raffle series are what most people focus on and if they only remember the raffle series, they would not be able to remember the unusual raffle that could have happened (?) 5 days ago, thus I feel that there should be some sort of minimum instead of no minimum as if the rule was to be implemented as no minimum, all rafflers who might have just raffled 1 weapon in 10 days stand a chance to get the badge in upcoming badges once the regular rafflers get theirs. ' "Raffle expensive stuff or else no one will care about you" kind of thing' --> I understand your point that people might only make rafflers to get the badge, so maybe the accumulation would help in which the entry requirements can be: 1) 1 raffle worth 7 ref or more [for the rafflers who raffle expensive stuff but only rarely] or 2) Accumulative 3 ref in all raffles created to have a chance on the votelist. Thank you for spending time to reply on this Gaia !
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