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  1. A friend directed me here after I told him about me not making any progress in TF2 in terms of cosmetics, extra weapons etc. (Besides the weekly weapon drops and like 2 hat drops within months). It helped a lot
  2. Three random songs together xP
  3. Now I know what some people think about point'n'click games... That they're old fashioned and their quality isn't very good. That it feels dumb to play with just the mouse and click stuff to solve silly puzzles which may annoy you to death. But in my opinion there are many good point'n'clickers which are quality games and worth their price, even in Steam. Here's a few I'd like to dedicate this topic to, besides any suggestions others may have: The Dream Machine by Cockroach Inc. / The Sleeping Machine - A point'n'click game made entirely out of clay and cardboard. Adven
  4. (Super late post) Make videos where you walk in the nature and say something nice like information about the area or the nature or compliment the watcher (a feel-good) video. If you're camera shy then you could try to film some birds on your front yard. Or maybe make timelapse videos where you draw something. Or calligraphy. Or then you can game. But it's kind of a overused thing these days... Do what you see as best / makes you happy.
  5. Mildly interesting... It's cute though. Also, first post
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