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  1. Hello! It's honestly hassle to auto-scrap weapons and then find that all the weapons that you've gotten earlier (because the Auto-Scrap picks weapons from the top of the inventory and the earlier you got a weaponxthe higher up it'll be) gone and that you'll have to re-equip all your load outs with the newer weapons. It's annoying to have to do this every time after an Auto-Scrap. Scrap.tf already has the ability to see which weapons are currently equipped, so why not add it to the Auto-Scrap? It'll make things easier for everyone that uses Auto-Scrap.
  2. So, it's basically a way to hide auctions from you. It could be something in Settings, a new tab called Auction Settings, anything. Anyway, I'm suggesting that toggles be added so that the following things can be "hidden" from you and not appear in your auctions tab (unless you re-enable them). It's sort of like a filter, but you can't search for specific items, just hide specific things. It can filter by: 1.Item: eg Buzz Killer and low-tier skins. Many people are just not interested in these items and scrolling through them may waste time and cause them to lose out on chances to profit. 2. Items with a min bid that is more than 70 keys: Many people do not have a backpack worth more than that and so there's no point in them even seeing these auctions. Most auctions with such a high min bid are usually mid-tier unus or crazy weapons (unu+festivised+spec/prof ks+strange parts like dmg dealt and points scored) 3. From specific users: Maybe someone's been constantly making auctions that are clearly overpriced. Maybe someone has been flagged as a potential scammer. whatever the reason, maybe add a way to hide thier auctions from you so you don't waste time scrolling? These are just suggestions, but it'd be nice to see these added. Thanks!
  3. I hv 5 hours on heavy lol im a sniper/scout main
  4. Is there a way to prevent people from giving low - value items and requesting for high- value items? I've heard stories about silent Santa's who give a scrap, Santa's who give kill streak fabricators and some Santa's that give one craft weapon and ask for a key from their own Santa's. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? It would really be great if there was. Thanks for reading my post OwO
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