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  1. Profile Settings > General > "Site Theme" Click the drop-down and select dark > Save settings
  2. After searching the forums and account settings tab, I was surprised to find that scrap.tf doesn't have the option for email notifications for auctions or raffles, or any other notifications for that matter besides desktop. This is a problem on several fronts, firstly if someone is a long distance from their computer (such as on a vacation, at school or university or any other place where the avid and attentive use of a PC or Laptop is not possible). But why do I suggest a push for email notifications rather than a push for an app to give notifications, well for one an email bot would be much simpler to create than a whole new app for notifications but also more people are managing their email on mobile devices now so they will be notified when they get a new one and notice it practically immediately, meaning they'll be the instant they win a raffle or need to claim an auction. Finally, if the idea does get implemented there are some possibilities for customization as well. As some may want to know a half an hour to an hour before something ends, right before it does or not at all, leaving it up to the person. Thank you for reading, and please tell me your opinions of the concept or how morbidly wrong I am about it
  3. Le spy thinks you're doing great today, keep making him proud (changed profile banner):bluecrab:

  4. Pardon if you believe this is a suggestion but I believe it's more of a question towards the community So yeah what's up with that? Im not sure if it's just with taunts or if it affects all unusuals when it comes to bidding with items they are blacklisted from bidding, as I'm sure most of you know. Now I'm pretty new to trading and kind of the field surrounding it, I was just curious if there was this unspoken rule about these items that I didn't know about. Just looking for some justification of this from the community.
  5. But none the less it sold which appeals to some sellers, if you wanna find the most valuable items choose option A.
  6. I main spy But I'm a professional spy, I use a watch with a ducky on it.
  7. You know that's only my third auction in a row where the bidder didn't pay, mad me no, not mad... 

  8. That the auctioned item was actually purchased by a buyer instead of it just getting posted and expiring.
  9. I wasn't counting currency Plus that list is subject to change most likely
  10. 8.. And lost every single one of them wooo!
  11. Depends on the anime, Sometimes it can be expressive, entertaining and thought provoking... or it can be oversexualized, makes no logical sense and forgets their own story.
  12. Hello everyone I just wanted to propose the ideas of furthering analytics for auctions on this site. Somewhere it would display the Top 5 items (each) that were; A. Auctioned off at the highest value B. Auctioned off successfully most often There could also be an option to see for that category standard, strange and unusual also if it's cosmetic or a weapon.
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