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  1. You have entered 225 raffles in total and won 8 items from 6 raffles. gg
  2. Isn't the point of full bots to get rid of the items in the bots?
  3. What does "sub luck" mean in making a raffle?

  4. i can't even access incinerator all it shows is that it has no items
  5. why we can't use the bots when they're full?

    1. 中野


      full = full inventory = no trades

  6. >comments on my 92 crate thread about the strange KK >tf2 update WHAT DID YOU DO, VALVE?

  7. items worth 1.66 keys for a cs go gift schadenfreude for pro ks conscientious objector f. knife + f. minigun + f. amby 4 strange pro ks spycicle (i was so dumb, sold it for 3 keys then the person i traded it for sold it for a WHOPPING 8 KEYS ;((((((((() i also bought 6 keys for 10 euro via paypal well 9.30 euro
  8. pretty ridiculous. i thought i can profit off scrap.tf gamebanking, but no, you have to adjust your prices to sale prices :(

  9. tf2vendor killed the scrap.tf key bot may we forget the times the key bots were actually full
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