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  1. What to do with keys.

    Open crates. $$$
  2. About a huge economy problem

  3. Trade locked b/c mobile auth. Advice/Sympathy?

    The shitty [part is they have our mobile phone numbers now, this should be an instant fix, not a 7 day BS wait, im in the same boat as you fyi
  4. Was wondering if this escrow thingy has a side effect OR intended effect of stopping people from using multiple alt. accounts to farm stuff / trade stuff between accounts ? any thoughts ?
  5. SweetStakes

    I understand this is totally for fun gambling, but when I see Geel win a round by dropping HUGE $$$ items at the last second is BS. This is basically stealing from all the people that you just got to enter through your raffle page. The least you could have done is use an alt. account.
  6. https://scrap.tf/raffles/XGTZFR If you know my raffles, you probably have seen the PW, hint : 3 characters long
  7. Halloween Servers discussion

    What he said ^^^ I got a level 69 uncraft Wraith Wrap, almost instantly when I joined. Are they dropping tradable items now ?
  8. Post two words.

    save me
  9. http://i.imgur.com/GOryHKQ.gif
  10. Give A Nickname

  11. I'll tell you what I'd do, man: two chicks at the same time, man.
  12. Post two words.

    I farted