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  1. You hate scout because of the aholes who main him, right?
  2. I'm not 100% sure if 99% of the community just enters raffles without reading. However, it is safe to assume that at least a good chunk of the community enters raffles without reading.
  3. Yes, I actually read raffles. But i'm sick of reading 2000 words. If there is a limit, it needs to be shorter. This probably wont get added because i'm in the 1% who actually read raffles
  4. IF I WIN ONE OF DEM GOOD OLE RAFFEELS, IM GONNA DIIIEEE (guess the reference lmao) No seriously, Some of the raffles I entered can get you about 2 keys in items :/
  5. Dude, literally. Do you even read other posts in the forum or just look at the title and ogp?
  6. I get the point, but note how it says "free to enter" "enter" You can still enter it without paying. However, I do see how it's unfair to people who are just looking to make a few off of raffles without paying. Just reject me.
  7. Also, I clearly said in the original post that this isn't that good of an idea. Just a freaken suggestion.
  8. "Tells me it's horrible instead of explaining why it's horrible" Seems legit.
  9. It's okay, and WNTS is what not to suggest.
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