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  1. You hate scout because of the aholes who main him, right?
  2. IF I WIN ONE OF DEM GOOD OLE RAFFEELS, IM GONNA DIIIEEE (guess the reference lmao) No seriously, Some of the raffles I entered can get you about 2 keys in items :/
  3. Any engineer, spy, sniper, or medic australiums are out except for the wrench. axtinguisher is out. Black box is out
  4. I can try to aim to my hearts content and I never get better. 500 hours and I still can't aim as scout.
  5. The reason why I dont use the atomizer is because of the winger. The winger gives you the same height, but without a firing speed and damage cost. Not only that, but the atomizer takes away 10 hp... Really?
  6. Do not disguise as scout UNLESS maybe you're disguising as a friendly scout. It's a dead giveaway, because of the amazingly noticeable speed difference. Do people not realize that?
  7. My list: Scout: Meh, Pretty much none Soldier: Concherer/black box Pyro: Phlogistinator Demo: Meh, pretty much none IMO Heavy: Probably the tomislav tbh. Engineer: Uh..... Rescue ranger? Medic: None Sniper Machina, DDS Spy Dead ringer, Diamondback,
  8. Snipers... Nvm. Arguing about which weapon is a crutch or not.
  9. The spy cicle is not a crutch. It takes skill to use. The razorback is trash The DH is trash. "Pyro man?"
  10. Mine is Stock scattergun, Used to use FAN but that failed. Winger/Stockpistol, Winger is sooo much better. Just because you don't hear pew pew pew as much doesn't mean the winger sucks Boston Basher/Sandman/Fan O war Depends on situation.
  11. How is spy-cicle a crutch? How is razorback a crutch? How is direct hit a crutch?
  12. What about the force a nature and the diamondback?
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