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  1. Did you mean the thing next to the username or the brainwave scanning badge? The best quality I have. Not transparent around the corners but still probably easy to work with. This is the exact image of the brainwave scanning badge, directly from scrap.tf. (You may have to click on it or open it in a tab if it doesn't show up.)
  2. Some people like to collect them, use them in a raffle series, or they have a Collector's kit to complete. The bots should definitely be able to replenish within a few hours, or maybe even days.
  3. Scrap.TF won't buy or sell because they will become untradable again for another week if it happens.
  4. Valve changed CS:GO items to become untradable for a week once they are traded away. Scrap.TF is not buying or selling CS:GO items right now because of this.
  5. Banned for using punctuation
  6. Banned for asking questions
  7. Granted, but something goes screwy and you will have to do even more work I wish I knew how to use Thunderbolt
  8. Granted, but the other main characters will find you annoying. I wish for a scarf
  9. Banned for believing I was lying. #PieIsBest
  10. Banned for giving us cake when it should be pie
  11. Yes One, I'll get to be a badass floating robot brain. Two, I'll have awesome mind control powers. Three, I'll get to roll around without hitting my head on the ground. You get a million dollars, but... no one will acknowledge you ever again
  12. Granted, but you're a real boy on strings. I wish—no, I demand that I get a cheezburger
  13. Why would we spare anyone who wrote something so... forbidden?
  14. If it's a question, why wonder about it? And is this two questions?
  15. Granted, but so is everyone else. I wish for macaroni
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