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  1. Strange, then I don't know why it happened
  2. You have to push the button: submit gift
  3. Buy yourself a spec killstreak, those are usually 20 ref- 1 key, or use it for a series, or give it to me
  4. In response to your question, I tried it on multiple users (Kzeor (no idea how to spell that, hope you know who I'm talking about, and Mr.T

  5. Does it notify if I quote? If so, I forgot, here, now I quoted
  6. I tried it on multiple users ( KyEz0aR and Mr.T)
  7. I can't buy premium for people on Paypal, It just said "this person is unable to receive money" or something like that, I haven't tried Tf2 items because I don't have Enough, And bitcoin.... no.
  8. :) followed you, and um... i'm a newbie can you help me?

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    2. Yetiman


      Oh okay, can I follow you?

    3. Salted
    4. Orange


      if you want to change your rank just simply go to account options, then go to edit profile. If you need help in a different way just ask me or someone else

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