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  1. Mario

    Option for left handed menu and menu button for left handed mobile users.

    Dont think this will go through for obvious reasons
  2. Mario

    Raffle winnings

    When you win a raffle. winnings should be moved to site inventory to avoid people not claiming them.
  3. "Because the process is automated, we can automatically ensure that if you do not give a gift, you will not receive one." So no worries if you get matched with grinch he wont recieve any gifts
  4. Mario

    Free co-op games?

    To be honest, id recommend dont starve together or borderlands, but since you're looking for free coop games best way for you and your friend to find them is to search "free coop games" by tags on steam
  5. Probably, i dont see reason why it shouldn't be. Cant say for sure until december starts
  6. Mario

    Not Sure if Mod Application Submitted.

    If it doesnt show as thread, make sure you're logged in before submitting it
  7. Mario

    Need help with potato laptop running unturned

    If you're laptop doesnt meet requirements or barely does it speaks for itself, you can try tweaking some config files or in game settings, other then that you're pretty much out of options.
  8. Mario

    Auction mistakes

    I can both agree and disagree with this, its your fault you werent carefull but on the other hand mistakes happen.
  9. Mario

    Looking for game to play!

    Played runescape few years ago, unfortunately my phone is not compatible :c
  10. Mario

    Looking for game to play!

    I like rpgs, graphics dont matter as long as it doesnt require high end pc to run. Im open to other recommendations
  11. Mario

    Interesting New Scam

    Its called carding, and it has active forums, peoples credit card info get stolen and spread like wildfire, knew few people who did this type of crap. Their accounts get steam alert because of it. Be careful
  12. Mario

    Back after 2 years

    Hey there, im a bit late, you can contact steam support and get your gibus and other achievement items back.
  13. Mario


    Im late, you can get keys on marketplace.tf for cheaper price then steam community market
  14. Mario

    Pricing help

    Im bit late, but prices have been updated, have a look https://backpack.tf/stats/Strange/Polar Surprise | Loose Cannon (Well-Worn)/Tradable/Craftable
  15. Mario

    When does the secret santa starr every year?

    On Dec. 1st you will have 24 hours to confirm that you want to be part of this and select a gift you recipient will get. If your secret Santa does the same, you will receive their gift on Christmas and you can open it on that day or after. Dont take me for word tho, its been like this last year so i suppose it will stay same