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  1. That sometimes works for qualities like Factory New, but each skin has a unique pattern. For example, I’d much rather have a knife with a blood stained tip (sorry I’m e d g y) than one that’s just dulled.
  2. I don’t know why this has not yet been implemented. Please add the inspect in-game link to items so that we can inspect them in-game before deciding to buy them. This used to be a thing in the skin-bots but for some reason it was removed. If the problem is that it won’t work on mobile devices because of the lack of TF2, you could just as easily have a link to the item in the bot’s steam inventory.
  3. As seen here, strange parts don't show in the new banking page. Additionally, I think that once this is fixed, items with strange parts attached should be separated from those without (like how painted or killstreak items are now).
  4. Yeah, this is quite tedious on mobile. I'd suggest just making raffle pages like how auctions are instead of the current single page design.
  5. Gnago

    Simple Fix

    If you used a trietary statement you could add no lines (though adding a seperate line would probably be better for readability, depending on how the rest is formatted)
  6. Are you talking about the All | Recently Traded | etc? If so, go to one of the bots' inventory (via browse bots) and tap the pin icon yo the top right of the bots' names. That should make the categories stay on the top of the page, and you'll be able to view everything a lot better.
  7. You're literally complaining about having to do a little bit of work to get free items...
  8. There should also be a pin that you can press in the top right of the bots' names that will make the panel stay on the top instead of always being on your screen when you scroll. Edit: You'll need to go to the "Browse by bots" and select one of the bots to get that.
  9. Hello, so I've had my eye on a specific item that has been in one of the bots for over a year allegedly because of undefined pricing. Which is fine and understandable, Scrap.tf does need to make profit after all. I was wondering if one could contact a staff member and request that an item be pulled out from a bot and be traded to the user in exchange for a slight additional fee. Obviously if the price really is unknown, for example if it's a 1 of 1, or if the item was added to the game only a week ago, then of course this probably shouldn't be allowed. However, for an item that has a bp.tf price, has been in the bot for over a year, and doesn't have anything added to it (e.g. Stat clock, paint, strange part, etc), I'd say that the staff member can judge what it's worth. Or maybe, if that's too much, reserve an item until it has a price might be neat... Anyway, that's my argument. If there's some other reason to never allow this or if it would cause too much work on staff members (from receiving too many pull requests), that's fine, t'was just a suggestion.
  10. However, the problem with that method is, speaking from experience, if the bot's backpack.tf inventory has not been parsed in a while, you would need to open each auction bot's backpack so that it is parsed. And while they all do have nice custom steam URLs (most are some variant of tf2scrap###), the last 2-3 digits are very inconsistent (I beleive it's something like [21 , 34] U [42, 49] U [89, 102]. Numbers may be inaccurate, but point is that there's an inconsistent range). Just to point out that finding the bot that the item's currently in without messaging the auctioneer (who are often either offline or "want to have their privacy" on scrap.tf) isn't always as easy as plugging in the item ID from the auction page.
  11. There is a way. The last checkbox on this page.
  12. But keep in mind that Scrap.tf doesn't count paints, spells, low-crafts, strange parts, etc, so a strange festivized spycicle with 20 keys worth of strange parts would only be able to have a maximum min bid of about 9ref I agree with the original idea though, Item Factor, from my perspective, is meant to discourage bidding items over pure, so the original idea of this thread makes sense... That's just my two cents anyway...
  13. If it makes things any easier on you, if you know how to use the inspect tool on browsers, the item's id is in the data-set property of the item's div, and if it's a pre-Jungle Inferno skin or a war paint, its ID is the same as the seed. (I've also been able to use that ID to plug in into bp.tf history and look through the bot's steam inventory to get the inspect link if it is a redeemed war paint, but that's rarely worth the trouble and Scrap.tf should just add the damn link.)
  14. Doesn't bazaar.tf do this kind of thing?
  15. Everytime that I've inputted that number into the number field underneath the decorated weapon, it has resulted in the same skin pattern that you would have gotten if you had clicked an inspect link, you just need to make sure that the wear, weapon, and war paint match (Not even the war paint actually, scratches, blood, etc appear in the same places if the weapon and wear are the same). But whatever I guess, however, it is kind of inconvenient to open a browser on your desktop instead of just inputting a number from a mobile browser. (Not trying to sound passive aggressive, just trying to explain my thoughts on how it could improve the quality of life of some users. Though I may be a minority, so take it with a grain of salt if you weren't already...) Edit: Turns out that the id only works if the item is a war paint or a skin (a decorated weapon that didn't come from a war paint). Which now means there is no way to inspect weapons that came from war paints without an inspect link.
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