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  1. I recently held a raffle and auction but while scrolling through comments, I always accidentally press the big red delete button right next to the comment(using mobile btw) like seriously? The reply to a comment button is 4 times smaller than the delete comment button. And 3/4 of the time when I want to reply to a comment I always accidentally press the delete comment button. So my suggestion: make the delete comment button(the trash can)
  2. they should also stop people from creating auctions 1 ref below selling price like for example i've seen auctions where items like rancho relaxo(17 ref value) are put up at like 16.88 currency only. if it's for items and currency than it should be fine. another example will be, lets say a aces high plumbers pipe(9 keys) and people are putting it up for auction at like 8 keys and 20 refined can calling it a quicksell i mean thats just ridiculous auction starting bids should much more lower than the items original value
  3. actually i found out they sell for low too. I guess it's a site more for people who wanna keep unusuals
  4. right now scrap.tf takes the lowest value for unusual with price ranges, it would be better if they had taken the mid value instead
  5. I mean yeah despite the fact that it's beneficial for some people who seek to purchase unusuals, others get affected by this. I was already hit hard and made quite a big loss because my unusual price dropped. But I just want to point out my opinion that I'm against it. Anyone else affected by this 'event'?
  6. Well I have an issue as I fabricated a specilized killstreak kit for the purpose of selling it to the bot, only to find out that it's overstocked. both bots can hold a max of 1 specific spec killstreak kit; and one of the bots already had that same kit but i couldn't see that, as it's backpack was full and only brought up a notification when i tried to view the backpack. However the other bot didn't have it so I thought it wasn't overstocked yet. Maybe a consideration? Last time scrap.tf allowed users to view bot's with full backpacks, now it doesn't.
  7. nah i mean 3 times and he gets a permenant ban
  8. Any auctioneer who fails to pay for 3 auctions shall be permanently banned from scrap.tf's auctions for instance if a guy does not pay for 1 auction, he can only leave 1 more auctions unpaid. Or he wil be permanently banned
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