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  1. CharoO


    Following up on this due to a recent report. Firstly I confess I have sniped some auctions, but the intention of this is not that. Having a watch list will allow you to refer back to the auction when needing to reference or 'obtain proof' An issue some have is bidding on an auction and selling of those items, resulting in a ban. But if auctions were easier to go back to 'having a watchlist' then they can bid closer to auction closure. Personally, I bid on some auctions so that they appear in my 'enetered auctions' and that I can keep looking back on due to interest/entertainment or w/e reason. Bookmarking an auction shouldn't be the only option, because, if people have th eneed to bookmark auctions to refer back to then the obvious need of a watch list will improve the site.
  2. Apparently heaps but iv been looking through them to see why they were declined as it seems to be a popular idea.. but then popular doesnt equal good ey.
  3. Damn. Hopefully this topic can be removed. Ill have a look through and see what the problem was with the suggestion
  4. Been a lot of suggestions. Here is mine -if a bid is placed with under 2 minutes left in the auction, the auction timer goes back to 2 minutes. For example @ 1min left i bid, the auction timer will go back to 2 mins, to win the auction, you will need to be leading the bid for the last 2 minutes without being outbid. With the potential to stop snipes and allowing for a bidding war. Im not sure what happens when a bid get rejected from an auction but to prevent this in the 2 minute timer and that person cinstantly spamming their 'bid' to keep the auction open -rejected bids have a 30 minutes cooldown before they can be bidded on the auction it was rejected.
  5. Is it a punishable offense when someone tries to hide the fact that their item is duped? I mean not that i posted a link of a 'scorching hard counter' on their auction, letting others know its duped, just for him to delete the comment or anything. Nothing really says otherwise in the rules.
  6. Maybe an idea would be an auto extend.. For example, if someone bids at anytime with under 2 minutes left, the auction extends back to 2 minutes.. So basically, to win the auction, the winning bid must not be out bidded with the remaining 2 minutes. Then to stop a constant snipe, if a bid is rejected, there is to be a cool down time on the items used to bid e.g 30minutes on that particular auction
  7. When your auction ends, maybe a 'relist' button will be convenient. It will relist the auction as it was originally listed for. Saves like 30 seconds filling it out again lol
  8. CharoO


    Being able to add an auction to watchlist (joined auctions) without having to bid on the auction. E.g. auction closes in 9 hours but wanting to hold off on bidding for various reason (wanting to sell an item on classifieds until closer to an auction closure time) or possibly forgetting about the auction.
  9. Hey thanks for that. I went through some of the pages of the rejecteds.. a few to look through. Jist sidnt go through all. any way for myself to xlose this topic?
  10. Basically, you list an auction for 12 hours. 6 hours in you recieve a bid you like. Pressing accept bid ends the auction with the current bid as the winner. This will mean you will not need to wait for your auction to end with whatever time is left. Making things a bit more effecient. Bidders will need to be informed that bids can be instantly accepted, should they decide they want to back out of purchase. Apologies if this has already been suggested. As im pretty new and thought this would be useful whilst auctioning my items.
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