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  1. From a f2p. I dont hav dlc. From A dlc owners pov, what free guns/other shits do u use? Just wana know
  2. Whom'st'd knew it would be wolff
  3. I Use AN M308 With Fire Breather Nozzle Jager Body Scope Mount Scope Prefrences change every so often NO auto or single lock (am f2p ) (used Surefire or whatever its called 25 bullets noww ) LED combo Stability boost and das itt Armour ICTV Secondary 5/7 AP pistol Size Doesn't Matter Supressor (I use this for mult purpose and so it doesn't do A Budegt Supressor and block the Iron Sights) Micro Laser That Magazine extension that i cant remember the name of Throwable: INcendinary Or HEF nade Perks Armourer (for the icvt) or Muscle ( for the health Regen because am f2p) Deployable Aced Doc BAgs OR Aced ammo Bags because i have both skils
  4. Here Is A Poll. R E A D T H E R E S U L T S B E F O R E R E A D I N G thanks. https://scrap.tf/raffles/D4VQKY In this raffle. this mann/womann asks for opinions on a mobile app. if you saw the poll you can see why im writing this right noww. I ask For A Mobile Scrap.tf app. M Ipad Fuck Knows Why always crashes when i boot up safari. It is an Ipad Mini 2. I contacted Apple And They Said There waS nOthing I could Do (i wish i had bought samsung) So When My Brother (WHo lieks to share our account and game for 10 hous straight uses the computer i cannot Use Scrap.tf. A Mobile App would be perfect for this.
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