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  1. Thank god people finally know the truth about Andy. I hated him since the day when he reveal his ideals in Rappa's server,



  3. HAZBIN HOTEL HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!









    And it comes out in 2019...


  4. You have to go reach for the stars

  5. Fly Me To The Moon

    1. DOBLEeloy


      And let me play among the stars

  6. A really bad idea, Rafflers are not just here to give away items, Many of them write fun messages for everyone to enjoy reading them even though they know that a ton of people don't read raffle messages but a few peeps stick around for the messages. This function will be a big F to everyone who are writing something meaningful.
  7. Sphix

    Tip Feature

    The point of a tip is to show gratitude over the services they done, Like being a waiter or giving away free stuff. That kind of destroys the point of tipping, You giving someone something for no services, which is basically a gift. Yeah, just like Gaia said, you can just gift them a scrap in steam.
  8. Don't stop, keep going!

  9. Why don't you ask him if he's going to stay?


  10. Twenty-Four Connected Pieces

  11. Here's the original versions of my JOJO emotes :chew: :makeeverybodyhappy: :iamthefuckingstrong: :getafeelingsocomplicated:
  12. I found these emotes in Deviant art, All credit goes to Quest mark. The only thing i did was editing the emotes sizes. https://questmark.deviantart.com/ :makeverybodyhappy: :getafeelingsocomplicated: :iamthefuckingstrong: :chew:
  13. I was able to make it look a bit better with the resize version of my emote that was fixed by Mango Starco. I'm still new to editing these images but i'm getting used to it. :nyohogyro:
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