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  1. If it isn't added at this point, the mods most likely have no intentions at all to implement this. Regardless, you should use proper grammar before making a serious suggestion, this is a nightmare to read.
  2. Update : I've found an additional example that displays this problem in action. I'll include more examples if I come across more -
  3. Blue/Premium are aware of the rules and have the choice of obeying them or facing the consequences, ! Users live in ignorance on behalf of the rest of the community, and often face no/minor penalties for their mistakes in comparison to those who've truthfully read them.
  4. I've seen multiple instances where a ! User is mislead from properly rereading the rules simply because they receive the above message whenever they attempt to accept them again. I would even go as far as call it a bug, as it appears even when a ! User has improperly read the rules. Here is a recent example of this issue, while I don't have any other screen grabs saved, I've witnessed this same scenario happening on multiple occasions - I would suggest one of the following changes to be implemented : (A) Remove it entirely, why would such a message even be necessary? Users that are re-accepting them are most likely doing so to refresh themselves of the site's guidelines. (B) Reword it to prevent any confusion, if a ! User has improperly read the rules but they're constantly getting this message, that's just unnecessary frustration. Here's a rough edit of a potential rewording, keep in mind that this should only appear for ! Users -
  5. Fuck no, it's the easiest method of filtering out who have read the rules and who haven't.
  6. Just checked it by changing the language settings, and the rules are in fact not translated. However, the fact that such an important feature hasn't been translated yet is on scrap.tf's part, and should definitely be updated regardless of this topic's suggested change. The current measures in place are more or less meant to rat out the users who just skip to the bottom of the page and accept them without actually reading. If an user "rereads" the rules and still has the badge of shame, it's obvious that they haven't truly read them. More emphasis on the "You haven't read everything" part would be helpful though. This new implementation is simply meant to improve the quality of comment sections. Even if you aren't part of the issue, you should have no trouble reading the rules properly. The implementation would help differentiate the ones who are actually polite, and the ones that cause an annoyance for every raffle. The former should have no trouble removing the restriction through reading the rules, whereas the latter would have to grow some actual manners or be blocked by a community that despises them. As far as I'm aware, the only main benefit in reading the rules and becoming a "blue" user is that they can raffle twice as much (from 50 items to 100). Something definitely needs to be implemented to actually reward the few who actually read the rules. Nothing is set in stone yet. But if I had to choose between the two, they should definitely still be allowed to comment on their own raffles and profile.
  7. As it stands currently, whenever an user has completed all the quests for an event, they are given the following message - As the wording implies, the user is given the impression that they still have unfinished quests to fulfill. As a result, this tends to spark confusion for when they check back the following day, only to still be greeted with the same message (in some cases, going on for days before the event's final closure). They'll be left with no indication as to whatever this is the result of a bug or not, leading to outbreaks of user confusion throughout the site (as previous events have shown). Therefore, I propose that a quest counter (or another form of indication) in implemented to more clearly convey to users their quest status. Here's an example I was able to create using the inspect-tool, editing the message to give the impression that the user has "completed all their quests" - And a second example made with inspect tool to represent a makeshift "counter" -
  8. It's fine, the more we can do to spread the word the better.
  9. Posted a thread on the same topic around the same time you did, oops. But regardless, it's definitely affecting more than just a few users, and hopefully it'll grab the attention of the staff for a quick fix.
  10. Back on day 17/18, many users stopped receiving new quests, despite the timer resetting for the next day. A few days later, the issue had been resolved and new quests began refreshing again. However, it seems that the issue has reoccurred, as many users are starting to report that they haven't been obtaining new quests since day 22/23. With the event coming to its closure in a couple days, as well as the Holidays following with it to sway the attention of many staff members (thus preventing them from looking into the issue), I believe it's urgent that the problem is looked into as quickly as possible. Proof from an user poll - https://scrap.tf/polls/5SFF2Q (time of poll creation - December 23rd at ~8:30PM EST) EDIT - Previous thread on the bug's first occurrence -
  11. It's the 19th so any Grinches can be replaced, there's absolutely no reason to extend it so late
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