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  1. It's fine, the more we can do to spread the word the better.
  2. Posted a thread on the same topic around the same time you did, oops. But regardless, it's definitely affecting more than just a few users, and hopefully it'll grab the attention of the staff for a quick fix.
  3. Back on day 17/18, many users stopped receiving new quests, despite the timer resetting for the next day. A few days later, the issue had been resolved and new quests began refreshing again. However, it seems that the issue has reoccurred, as many users are starting to report that they haven't been obtaining new quests since day 22/23. With the event coming to its closure in a couple days, as well as the Holidays following with it to sway the attention of many staff members (thus preventing them from looking into the issue), I believe it's urgent that the problem is looked into as quickly as possible. Proof from an user poll - https://scrap.tf/polls/5SFF2Q (time of poll creation - December 23rd at ~8:30PM EST) EDIT - Previous thread on the bug's first occurrence -
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