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  1. I really like the forum!

  2. Oh, I see what you mean. How odd. I never actually clicked the button myself until you mentioned that error, and I can see what you mean. It would be odd for that option to be shown to us if we're not allowed to do that, or maybe we were supposed to, and that is the bug.
  3. I'm guessing it is intentional just in case you delete a comment by mistake or something. Once you refresh, that option disappears.
  4. If they did that, then a lot of users would be able to create more raffles, which may put extra strain on the site. (And it may be under enough strain as it is with the regular lag and downtime.) Having paid upgrade options makes sense since that money could be spent on extra resources to cope with potential extra activity. That said, the idea does sound nice, but I don't know if it would be feasible.
  5. Ability to store custom username colors?

    Yes, I would like this too. I understand the reason why they have to approve the colours (to make sure they fit with the colour schemes and so they're not the same as staff colours/banned users) But once approved, that colour code should be good for a while at least. It could always be removed by staff if their colours change.
  6. Chat Idea - Emote Folders

    I would support such an idea if it is possible. In addition, it would be cool if we could make our own folders for customising the layout of the emotes. Would certainly help find those emotes that you use more often, would be cool if this were for raffles too. Not sure if such a thing would be easy to implement but it may be a nice addition.
  7. Option to Disable Tips on All Created Raffles

    I guess some people may not want premium, but they get it unexpectedly. They may feel better if people couldn't give it them in the first place since they would feel bad that someone else's gift was wasted/unwanted, so having an option to decline would be helpful.
  8. I guess that would make thing easier if we could see percentages at a glance, as well as total votes.
  9. Add Notes to Rules

    I would definitely support the idea of linking to the relevant help articles in the rules, as it would help clarify on what can and can't be done in regards to advertising. Also, as you say, the article is kind of hidden, it's not that obvious to people normally.
  10. Seems that BBCode does not display properly in the comments of active raffles without a refresh. However, it does seem to work on the megaraffle section, as well as auctions, so would it be possible to implement a change so that that it works on raffles without having to refresh? Here are some screenshots to show what I mean: Megaraffle before posting comment Megaraffle after posting comment Auctions before posting a comment Auctions after Raffles before posting a comment Raffles after As you can see, in the raffle section, the BBCode does not display properly automatically, it requires a refresh, but it does work in the other areas without refreshing. The same is also true for clickable links. Links are clickable automatically on the megaraffle page but not on the normal raffle page, that requires a refresh too. I know this is only a minor issue, but since comments work properly in other areas of the site, I thought it could hopefully work on raffles too. Update: This is also the case for when replies are made to comments.
  11. Option to Disable Tips on All Created Raffles

    It would be easier to just have a choice of declining them rather than having to give the tips away which you didn't want in the first place. Also, what about people who make one-off raffles (like they make a big raffle because they are leaving TF2 and they never come back) tips on those raffles may be wasted if they didn't want them, and they may not know about the filter that disables tips because it's not obvious at first. For those who are leaving, they may not want tips since they would have no use for them (because they won't be coming back.) Having a separate option to disable tips that people can see when making a raffle would fix those issues.
  12. Option to Disable Tips on All Created Raffles

    I feel having this option could be useful. Yeah, you can write the word tip and disable it, but I think having a checkbox option, like how the disable comments option works, would be better. Raffles are about giving, and some people may not wish to receive tips, and that's their choice. Or, on some raffles, they may feel tips are not appropriate, such as on sensitive topics, they may wish to disable them because they don't want tips out of pitty. It would also make things clearer to those who don't know that it is possible to disable tips, there may have been people who wanted to disable them, but didn't know about the word filter since it's an unwritten rule. So having a checkbox option would make it clear that disabling tips is something that can be done. And having it as a proper option, it means you won't have to keep writing the word tip just for the sake of disabling tips. It may not be such a bad idea to show an additional confirmation when clicking the box, just to ensure they did mean to disable tips.