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  1. andyw386

    Inserting Raffle Polls While Editing Raffles

    I agree, when editing raffles, you can't edit all the things. I'd like to also add that you cannot change the items being raffled as well. It would be useful if when editing a raffle, all aspects can be changed in the event of any mistakes.
  2. andyw386

    Reading the Rules to be able to Comment.

    These stats are shown to everyone on the "about" page (just scroll down) https://scrap.tf/about
  3. andyw386

    Reading the Rules to be able to Comment.

    I forgot my third reason, which I'd say is probably the most important. While the "brainwave scanning technology" is not such a bad idea, it does have some flaws. Such as you could technically get away with reading only some of the rules, and not all of them. The wording could also be altered to indicate things more clearly, as it may be interpreted as just an alternative rather than the required. Again, I can't explain properly for obvious reasons, but I hope you get my point. But basically, this means that reasonable people may be discouraged from trying to "read" the rules, and then we lose on comments. I don't think anymore can reasonably be done in terms of prevention/moderating automatically. I mean features are already being removed to try and stop things, maybe it's starting to get a bit too far. I think the solution lies in promoting the report feature for blatant rule breakers, and maybe the delete function for comments that are just distasteful. Maybe giving more control in raffles may work as well. Or we could try ignoring it, that works right?
  4. andyw386

    Reading the Rules to be able to Comment.

    I think that's a bad idea for a couple of reasons. First of all, the language differences would mean that those who don't speak English very well would be at a disadvantage (Unless the rules page has translated versions, I'm unsure if it does) Secondly, as the rules currently stand, they can be a bit contradictory in the way they may be interpreted by those who re-read them, which makes accepting them a little difficult possibly, I cannot go into the details anymore without breaking...well, you know. Maybe it could work if it as an option for rafflers, rather than a site-wide block, but I'm not too keen on the idea really, to be honest. And as for the recent removal of a perfectly fine feature...well, you know what I think.
  5. andyw386

    Alerts for raffles and or comments via email.

    It's an interesting idea. I'm not sure what the staff think of it though. They may be concerned about the site being flooded with more activity if people can get notifications of new raffles.
  6. andyw386

    Stricter Rules for Raffle Commenting

    I think it would be really disappointing to remove the win chance meter just because of people sometimes moaning. Also, while I get the "pls let me win" comments are closer to begging and will be treated as such, I don't think it's a good idea to try and police the other annoying, but innocent generic comments. I think it would be best to only deal with actual rule breakers.
  7. andyw386

    Delete/Hide Permanently Banned user's comments

    I get what you mean, it doesn't look nice having that red strikethrough text but I don't think their older comments should be deleted (unless they break the rules or do something that requires them to be deleted.) Not everything they have said would be bad so it's good to keep it so there is context to whatever area they are commenting in.
  8. andyw386

    Idea for megaraffles

    Are you aware that the site censors names and profile pictures by default? Chances are they are genuine users but they have not changed their privacy settings.
  9. andyw386

    Option to Disable Tips on All Created Raffles

    No idea. I can see why the original idea may be disliked by the staff since it proposes having staff involvement to disable tips. However, I think the idea of being able to disable tips easily is a fair one, which was why I suggested that it could be a raffle option instead when creating raffles (like how you can disable comments)
  10. andyw386

    fixed Privacy Overlay Not Showing

    So if a winner has chosen to remain anonymous in a raffle, it will usually say "This user has chosen to hide their name and avatar" when you hover over their profile picture. But for some reason that doesn't seem to be working, as you can see in this screenshot. It displays it a bit, but it is then cut off. Screenshot was taken on this raffle https://scrap.tf/raffles/BG8K3D
  11. I really like the forum!

  12. Oh, I see what you mean. How odd. I never actually clicked the button myself until you mentioned that error, and I can see what you mean. It would be odd for that option to be shown to us if we're not allowed to do that, or maybe we were supposed to, and that is the bug.
  13. I'm guessing it is intentional just in case you delete a comment by mistake or something. Once you refresh, that option disappears.
  14. If they did that, then a lot of users would be able to create more raffles, which may put extra strain on the site. (And it may be under enough strain as it is with the regular lag and downtime.) Having paid upgrade options makes sense since that money could be spent on extra resources to cope with potential extra activity. That said, the idea does sound nice, but I don't know if it would be feasible.
  15. andyw386

    Ability to store custom username colors?

    Yes, I would like this too. I understand the reason why they have to approve the colours (to make sure they fit with the colour schemes and so they're not the same as staff colours/banned users) But once approved, that colour code should be good for a while at least. It could always be removed by staff if their colours change.