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  1. It is probably too late for this time around and too early for next time around, but I'll throw the suggestion out there anyway: As I say in the title, I would like either a longer list, or some kind of option to skip event quests. For most people, this would probably help if they are stuck on quests that require searching for something they cannot find, and would like to just forego the related points and move on. In my case, I do auctions on an alt. I would like the hats on said alt. For obvious reasons, I do not join raffles on my alt. Unfortunately, this happened:
  2. If this goes through, maybe we can have other options too... ...I can't think of any great examples off the top of my head, but maybe something like Kitty, Pony, Mousy, Organ donor, Lover (with all the related "+"s added to them and whatnot).
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