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  1. Currently, when you buy weapons from weapon banking, and use the "hide items that i have", it only hides weapons that you own as unique quality. I have strange quik-fix, and skin reacue ranger, but when i hide items that i own, it doesn't hide the quik-fix or rescue rangers. It would be good if it would hide all the items that i own but in difrent quality.
  2. so, few months back, i tried to edit my profile after i got SP, but i ran out of lines and text space, so i had to crop it down. now, it's broken even more. last time i had space for 13 lines. now it breaks under 8 i try to link people in scrap.tf, but the last link either brokes and doen't show up. also space between link word and regular word doesn't work and scrap deletes it. i have been informed that this isn't just me and someone have had this same problem. but many people has their links working.
  3. In weapon banking, there is a button that hides weapons/items that you own. However, it doesn't hide weapons that are different quality lile geniune, vintage and strange. Is it possible to make weapon banking hide weapons that you own, but in diffrent quality. Example: if i own strange Soda popper, and i go to weapon banking and press "hide items that i own" it would hide also all soda poppers in weapon banking.
  4. this is the right place to do stuff that doesn't meant anything? i hope so. anyway how's your day
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