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  1. When I try to make any raffle, public and private, it always says the items do not exist. I have tried one item or many items and items that have been in my bp for many months, I have tried one winner and multiple, I have tried deleting all text and re-writing it, I have tried deleting every field and re-entering them, I have tried a range of different lengths and entry limits, I have tried many different items and I have waited over 24 hours since this happened the first time and it still wont work This has been the case for TF2, CS:GO and steam items. Also logging out then back in again doesn't make a difference.
  2. You also need to have made at least 50 public raffles
  3. Lemonade

    D/P tags

    Not a huge issue but the [P]s are still [D]s Also some users have been donator/premium for over a month and still have no [D] tag
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