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  1. :huge: :pile: c: :huge::pile:
  2. Yep I just noticed this when I was trading today, you now have to fill out captchas for trade offers so going back to the old style will work like it should. (just adding another voice)
  3. Zyga

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    I'm down for this, I run raffles that have contests, I would like to silence people who would say hints >:3
  4. With this being a new thing I feel as though a trade bot would be very helpful and probably discourage players of CS:GO from trying to abuse the buts, so then they can't just buy crappy guns off the market and trade them to the bot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- also it seems that there is little interest for this to happen so I retract my suggestion with a bumpless edit. :s sorry But if you're reading.... http://strawpoll.me/3503720
  5. To answer your question, they would trade a higher quality weapon (which can be found just like a consumer grade) for the lower quality weapons, I've personally seen someone find a red quality item, which is waay up there. And do you mean a price manager as in a person? or like a bot that just taps the SCM for lowest prices/average prices of lowest 10?
  6. I think that it would over complicate it by putting a separate price on every item, but I think that having maybe more desirable ones like the AK AWP M4A4(-s) having a higher price would be ok just based on what they are, but my only issue with that is that it really comes down to opinion on the skins for the lowest tiers, all of them except those 3 are "undesirable" but the only thing that is stopping cs:go players from using these undesirable guns is that they are all in seperate places, you need 10 of them in 1 place for them to be turned into something nicer, and as trading goes right now you would usually sell them on the market, but the problem there is that you lose 1/2 of what you sell to the tax. Skins don't drop as often as weapons in tf2 do, so not every player can gather 10 weapons they don't want and can craft it into a new one they might want. Having the banking (like hats) would make everything have a base price of near worthlessnes but take out the tax part, so when that player gets a skin they don't like they can 1:1 it for another that they might like more be it an AK for an AK, or an AK for (27 what you said) low tier skins (which btw would make it a bit.... unbalanced being you can craft an AK with relative ease because there aren't that many weapons to choose from) 27 Standard weapons would make more sense for buying a special weapon (which you could base off the steam market price) because the person gets exactly what they want, no risk involved, while it may only take 10 weapons to make a weapon of the next level, it will take multiple tries to get a desirable weapon like an AK. Speaking of which what harm would come about by giving it a test run? If you don't make it have a variable price it *should* end up keeping at an equal state. As for numbers on prices I would go by direct steam market value, so Consumer weapons (generic) would be 5 not-cents and an AK47-Predator would be 80 not-cents, the not-cents just being a placeholder currency that can only be paid in guns. TL:DR I don't think all weapons should be priced because most of them have the same amount of "do not want" and these can be easily given to someone who will craft them into something better. I don't think there will be too much garbage weapons at anytime, nor do I think there will be too many special weapons at a time, but I guess the only way to see that would be to try it out.
  7. I see the problem, without a standard everything is too wild in price, but you could also argue that steam market money is the value... I mean you can't sell scrap/weapons on the market because that would give it a double price, but you can sell Cs:Go and Dota items on the market because... it works better than scrap. but since it has a base price for a large amount of the weapons, couldn't you guys just make the bots lowball everything? I mean if someone gives up an AK to the bot as part of a payment, wouldn't that not really be a problem? Maybe it would make someone's lucky day for 1:1 trading with a bot that day.
  8. Hold on though, you forgot about how there's people like me, who will take 10 of the worst skins and craft them together into a new one. There is is demand for each kind of skin, besides the main reason I want it is so that I don't have to pay 2 cents to gabe for every gun that I want to buy so I can craft a slightly better one. And also like hats in tf2, there is not Hat metal, it's just all craftable hats, but yet I assume that is working out?
  9. Well let me try to explain the system a bit better for you who don't play CS:GO.... in the steam inventories all guns except Knives and Stattrak (strange) show up as white, but there are more parts to the gun that make it more or less valuable Take this Tec9 for example It has a "Consumer Grade" Quality, that is the lowest quality there is and because of trade up contracts any player is able to take 10 of the consumer grade guns and turn it into an industrial grade gun (which are worth slightly higher) Now you also probably noticed that these guns have an exterior quality, this doesnt matter in the trade up contract, so for the lower quality grades like consumer, industrial, and Mil-spec it may add maybe a penny's worth by being the highest quality "factory new" or reduce it by a penny if its the lowest quality "battle scarred" I'm only suggesting gun banking for csgo because for the lower 3 tiers everything is priced roughly the same, Consumer grade is 3-5 cents, if you take 10 of those you can craft a industrial grade for 7-10 cents, and then you can take 10 more of those and craft it into mil spec, which can be worth anywhere from 10-20 cents. You guys also mentioned that the default/good weapons are worth more, and that's true, but that kind of brings a reason to doing this weapon banking. You could have people who want to do this in reverse, people who don't want a mil spec weapon but would prefer having (lets say 5) industrial grade weapons, and then you would have people like me who would like to take a chance at crafting a higher class weapon with the lower class ones, which puts more demand on the lower weapons. Then further after that there are people who don't want to take that chance at all and really want that ml spec weapon, so they'll pay (lets say 15) industrial grade weapons for the one that they want. So all and all, it would work out like hat banking, yes some hats are worth more, but you won't see them often in the bot if ever, and you'll have crafters, and you'll have sellers, and you'll have buyers. More notes: the skin is based on the collection that it's in, so if you use 10 weapons from the dust collection your going to get one of the weapons in the next grade of the dust collection, but if you use 5 Dust and 5 italy guns you have a 50-50 shot at either collection. Either way the collection doesnt matter much except for crafters who would be trying to make a certain skin. And for the lower qualities this wont matter as the boxes only start in mil-spec, so the boring skins like Camos and colors are in the lower qualities, while the community made skins/interesting are in the higher qualities.
  10. I'm too lazy to rewrite any of that.
  11. I think we should get a bot on here that allows users to 1:1 switch out CS:GO guns, starting with Consumer grade weapons and going up to maybe mil-spec. Just saying that most weapons in these categories are worth the same amount if not a few being worth more due to being a part of a certain collection, but for the most part they are all equal. Not only that but these drop in the normal game, so maybe someone like me wants to take a dropped industrial grade weapon and trade for 10 consumer grade, so that I can "order" a new industrial grade weapon. Or maybe someone finds a factory new Urban DDPT P250, but they personally hate that skin, well would you look at that, there's the nova Sand Dune you've been dreaming for, go at it. I just think it has the same idea as weapon banking in TF2, I mean there are some weapons that are worth minimally more, but like with the TF2 weapon bots they just won't show up except very rarely *cough cough* rescue ranger. Dunno, if you agree you should say something so that everyone knows that there are (or are not) as many people wanting this as I think.
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