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  1. I saw some new items in the incinerator, I quickly clicked on 3 items and was going to go through the trade process, when the bot kicks me instantly out of trade, I refreshed the page and it says to put my trade offer URL, I quickly put in my trade offer URL and managed to get the 3 items again and once again, it kicks me out and asked again for my trade offer URL. I'm just confused and would like to know what happened. Is the incinerator malfunctioning or some sort of glitch on my end?
  2. In Item banking, secret saxtons are currently being purchased at 2 scrap (0.22 refined) and being sold at 3 scrap (0.33 refined). At the same time, on backpack.tf, the secret saxton is priced at 1.33-1.44 refined. My suggestion would be to update the pricing of the secret saxton in item banking.
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