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  1. Too bad it comes out too late for me to enjoy it during band competitions.
  2. Wrong area to post these threads, please go to the help and support section
  3. Did you try right clicking harder?
  4. Well clearly, the staff are just trying to hoard all the sandviches for themselves, so they can make the ultimate sandvich. or maybe, out of all the tens of thousands of people here, people just buy them quickly
  5. You guys ever just breathe?

    1. Lofi on Hifi

      Lofi on Hifi

      i prefer not to.... :csdsmile:

  6. if you didn't know who they were before, then you'll never know
  7. Nope that system has always been around. Why let Grinches waste people's time?
  8. they've done that for the past years, but they've finally had enough and made a whole huge deal about it being a permagrinch
  9. That's a downright shame, but oh well enjoy not doing this anymore
  10. You guys might wanna go to help and support and file a ticket.
  11. this is a shitty thread, delet this
  12. There's 3 possibilities and that's getting super lucky and get a godly unusual, they wasted their money for a full backpack of virtual items, or they're just a good trader
  13. I joined in the wait for love and war On my old account I joined during Scream Fortress V
  14. Because rngesus hasn't blessed you
  15. I downloaded steam and it was the first free game I saw
  16. They view f2p users as new to the game and therefore skillless
  17. Problems with the site belong here: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/
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