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  1. Beats me, it's usually frowned upon to self bump, but maybe you'll get to be an exception
  2. If you want to contact a server mod your best bet would be to join the discord and @ one of the server mods. You could also try our other chat https://chat.scrap.tf.
  3. Just put in both the rayshud master files into custom and see if that works. I'd respond faster if I wasn't at school

  5. Try putting just yhose 2 files in and see if that works
  6. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Don't!!!!!!!! the most simple tip buy low sell high
  7. The opened file should be in there, unless there's a file inside your rayshud folder that specifically says rayshud, then just that
  8. no need to bump threads, Jesse will read them all eventually
  9. I loved Machamp and Poliwrath
  10. When you installed it, the file should have been in a folder. Just take that whole folder and put it into your custom folder
  11. This is pretty off topic now. What hud are you installing?
  12. Make a folder in custom titled tf2sounds. Make a folder in that called sound. Make a folder in that called ui. Add your hitsound and killsound, but make sure they're titled hitsound and killsound
  13. I don't think bumping is a good thing, but it has been 8 months since the last post
  14. What do you mean add something that you can already do? insert :thinking:
  15. February 29, 2016 Patch Gift wrapped items will be delivered through Steam trading, and are subject to trade holds if the sender doesn't have a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. Items can now be unwrapped by their original wrapper. Moving forward, only tradable items can be gift wrapped. Items that are currently gift wrapped can be delivered regardless of the tradability of the contents of the gift.
  16. You can't trade untradable items, craft hats are tradable as long as you don't use untradable items
  18. You're in the weapons bot, everything is half a scrap there lul, check the items bot I think they have the giger counter there for the right price.
  19. Tradeable items are tradeable. Untradeable items are untradeable. I don't get the question lul.
  20. The most recent locked threads where: *a question *a really dumb thread *a thread in the wrong area *another site thread *buying items *a scammed meme that went over someone's head *site problem *an edgy story *hating people *Remember, no russians. *a shitpost *site problem *mistaking me for a mod and *hating scunts leading to Lennies Nothing wrong with those locks
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