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  1. Edit: Trash... I'm a dolt for not reading how the site inventory works(Cause I didn't know where to look for it).
  2. I would take a master crate key(would need it's own def index of course) with infinite uses
  3. False. I never ask anyone :3 Next poster has a secret quirk.
  4. Dragon BoostbonuspointsforanyonewhocanguesswhereIgotthe2wordsfrom...
  5. Is using a potato for a computer(Probably be an extremely cheap but powerful potato :3)
  6. Granted... oh wait... the terminator died b4 the wish can be terminated. I wish for a physics defying motorcycle(Bonus points to anyone can guess what I'm talking about :3)
  7. You like Freedom Planet :3 Side off-topic note: I presume this is a forum game and my above statement is fake.
  8. Granted, but people forgot and regained love for FNAF. I wish to be able to summon green cubes of death like on in picture I linked.
  9. Buy Prof KS of EVERY STRANGE weapon and every strange cosmetic, and pay valve to allow 2000 bp slots
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