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  1. Sounds good to me. Thanks a bunch.
  2. As the rule currently states, "Any content you post, including your avatar and name, must not contain or be part of a work with nudity, sexual acts, visually/audibly disturbing, or grotesque material." However, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. A friend of mine recently noticed a user (I won't name names) who had a profile picture that was cropped from a picture of nudity. You wouldn't be able to tell at first glance, as it was just the face and it wasn't suggestive, but he reverse Google searched their picture and a post from e621 came up, and sure enough, there it was. He reported them for having a cropped NSFW picture as their profile picture, and included the original e621 post in the report, but the moderator who read the report informed them that, due to the fact it was cropped and no nudity was showing, nor did the facial expression appear suggestive, it was completely fine and they would not receive a ban. This confused him, since the rule stated it couldn't be part of a work, so he came to me to ask me what I thought of it. I thought it could be an act of favoritism, since the user was quite popular, so I decided to test it. I set my own profile picture to a cropped NSFW picture that didn't have a suggestive facial expression, like the first user's, and asked another friend of mine (not naming names) to report me when I made a new raffle, and include the link to the original picture in his report. After a minute or so the moderator responded and told him the same thing, that my picture was cropped and no nudity was showing, so it was fine. Now I'm confused. If we are technically allowed to have NSFW profile pictures as long as they're cropped and don't show nudity or suggestive expressions, why does the rule state that it can't be part of a work containing nudity or sexual acts? An explanation would be nice, and a change to the rule to make it more accurate would be even better. Thank you.
  3. ... Apologies, I didn't know we had to submit them as 128x128, and I stupidly made mine in 32x32... so here's one in 128x128.
  4. What about something like this? It'd be like... :primarina: or something to keep it simple. Took me like half an hour to make because Piskel doesn't have an undo button, so that was fun.
  5. I use Gmod over SFM for posing because I find it to be marginally easier to use.All it requires is the right mods, and bam. Now that we've got that out of the way, I was wondering, is it possible to get the model for the Balloonibouncer in Gmod? I wanted to use it for a poster but I can't seem to find any results on Google for it. It's probably just a model attached to the taunt itself instead of its own separate model, but it's worth a try.
  6. Pyro at over 100 hours. I would have more, but I stupidly reset my stats, thus resetting how much time I played the game, all my achievements, and how much time I played each class. But I've been working back up again
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