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  1. Discord Tag: Pika#1938 Chrome dev tools? not really Experience? no, but I know how to make screenshots and can comunicate problems pretty well... not as to fix them, but if something isn't working I could say what error code appears (I'm not gonna get this am I? doesn't matter, I'd just like to help that's all)
  2. I think I know where the secret link is, but its not working for me... and live support is closed! halp!
  3. Hello, I am just having some problems with the trick or treat event, as I have a mission to "click the secret link" I know where it is, and I clicked it multiple times, It just doesn't register the mission, so now I am stuck, my other mission is to "attack the evil entity" and I got that AFTER I spent all my points ATTACKING THE ENTITY! so now, I really need to complete that secret link, in order to get the other one. and Live support is closed, so I can't ask questions there.
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