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    Server 3.

    More information about its closure can be found in the following raffle: https://scrap.tf/raffles/1I788Q
  2. Please refrain from helping other users outside Help and Support and redirect them to the right place instead, as you are only encouraging others to do the same thing. Thread locked.
  3. It's https://scrap.tf , of course, unless you actually meant the dev one, which is closed for beta testers only.
  4. This has been fixed in the dev version of the site and will be pushed to the main site soon.
  5. Are you getting the following error or a different one?
  6. Which banking are you trying to use?
  7. 3xlneet

    Bernie Bot

    Please do not provide help and support outside help and support.
  8. It has to, and remember to not provide help and support in other subforums.
  9. As far as I know, they have almost always been
  10. They can't be made Please report any auctions that are more of a trade listing instead of an auction.
  11. By using the console and using the command "explode" or "kill". You can bind them to a key so you do not have to open the console every time.
  12. We currently are experiencing some issues with the item schema, probably causing this issues. You will have to wait until it gets fixed.
  13. That reply is no longer valid We currently are not buying any more skins because the bot remained full for a couple of days with barely any sales. Going to keep this thread here, but as @Pururūto said, please submit a ticket instead in the future.
  14. This has been fixed in dev and should be pushed to the main site soon.
  15. -Moved to Bug reports. It might be related to this one, keeping it in two separate threads since the trades are not being counted at all in this case.
  16. -Threads merged and moved to bug reports Unless I am interpreting something wrong, looks like we do manage to get your profile information, but nothing is returned.
  17. That tends to happen when we experience connection issues with Steam. You will have to keep reloading/trying until it works.
  18. It seems to be fine now, is this correct?
  19. Please refrain from providing help and support in subforums which are not about such thing and redirect them to the right place instead: https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/ Locked.
  20. -Not really since we want most of our mods to do a bit of everything as a minimum (in a way of saying it). -You still can solve puzzles. -Not really, up to Jesse to answer.
  21. Never heard of it, but never deposit your items into a site (that you barely know) when someone is telling you to, they will most likely send you a trade offer with one of their alts in order to get your items
  22. I won't move this thread so people that try to report it as a bug see it (I have already moved plenty to H&S). This is not a bug, our bots are currently full/overfilled and you will have to wait until they have more inventory space. The owners are aware about it.
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